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Most students seeking professional writing assistance turn to the Internet to find writing services. There, their searches for academic writing companies return thousands of results. Unfortunately, most of the essay writing companies found online cannot be trusted. They are companies that have no capacity to produce high quality, original work that students need. Often, such companies are out to cash in on student’s money without paying attention to providing the services they claim to on their websites. They take advantage of the fact that students have no experience in identifying credible writing services. comes in to address this problem. We help students in identifying reputable writing companies that display qualities such as good customer service, timely delivery of assignments, quality service and affordability. Our approach to this involves synthesizing customer reviews on different writing companies and compiling reports that show students which writing companies offer the best services. In order to rank writing companies, we rate their performance against a rating scale that captures qualities that students often look for in a writing service. We rank writing companies based on the reviews from customers that we also gather independently through open solicitation and social media programs. The reports we compile are usually published on this site on a regular basis.

Our goal is to empower students to make better informed decisions when it comes to choosing writing companies. Where students use other ways of identifying writing companies, we encourage them to do a thorough background check of the writing company before giving writing assignments. Some of the important qualities that students need to look out for to avoid scammers include the communication avenues that the writing company uses. In addition to emails, a reputable writing company will often have a telephone and/or a live chat service. Students should also take time to read customer reviews about the writing company to get an idea of how authentic it is. Other qualities to look for include the comprehensiveness of the order form, organization and presentation of online content and availability of work samples.

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On this website, students find links to the websites of companies that are ranked highly on consumer reports for offering high quality services at reasonable costs. In addition, we feature videos produced by such companies showing how their processes work and what customers can expect from them on our website. This information is aimed at helping students get easy and fast access to such sites.