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Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Apple TV + Miniseries The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray.

Apple TV + s The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray Provided fans with very well written and memorable characters. From the nominal protagonist to the beloved Robin, some of these characters have proven to be smarter than most in the miniseries.

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Based on their decisions, actions and dialogues in the show, viewers can see who is more intelligent in the characters. They may not always have the best intentions like Dr. Rubin or Alfred, but it is impossible to deny that they are intelligent enough to achieve their goals. With the recent ending of a criminally understated show, it’s the best time to look back at the bright characters Ptolemy met in the last few months of his life.

10 Hillside

Hilly and Ptolemy talking on the porch in The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray.

Hilly plays a minor villain on the show, which makes him one of the less loved characters. He was the least intelligent as he proved to be short-sighted and abrupt. Fans remember how he used Ptolemy when Nice sent him to help the old man with his chores.

When confronted by Ptolemy Hilly about this interaction, he openly admitted that it would not hurt him to harass and deceive others if they did not know what he was doing. This is an unbelievably immature point of view, as the protagonist points out, he could be sent to jail quickly.

9 No.

Last Days-Ptolemy-Gray-Nice-Ending-Robin-Coydogs-Good Luck

The audience knows that her selfish desire to keep Ptolemy’s wealth for herself stems from her challenging situation, so it’s hard not to dislike Nice completely for her actions – she wants the best for herself and her family. Nothing.

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Like Hilly, she has a short-sightedness and innocence. She may have been smart enough to hire a lawyer and fight for what she considers her legacy, but she closed her eyes to her own greed for not listening to what Robin had to say. Perhaps the most obscure thing she does is knock Robin away, leaving no one at this point except her materialistic aunt.

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8 Alfred

Alfred wearing a hat and looking at The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray.

Ptolemy Grace Whodunnit ends when the protagonist finds out that Alfred was responsible for killing Reggie. He is introduced as a vicious and arrogant character who does not care who hurts to get what he wants.

When Alfred asked Ptolemy to come to his apartment he was clever enough to hear his word, but not clever enough to realize that it was a trap. He may have almost escaped killing Reggie and taking his family, but his biggest mistake was underestimating Papa Gray’s revenge on Alfred.

7 Shirley Ring

Shirley Ring and Ptolemy in The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray.

Shirley has the wisdom that comes with age, though it is not clear until later. First, she is an increasingly memorable character who emphasizes the more romantic side of Ptolemy. However, a short conversation with the protagonist highlights her intelligence in a memorable way.

When Ptolemy reminds her that she does not have much time left, she quickly tells him that she is unaware of these things and that expectations are different for people their age. Unfortunately, she has unique insights that can only be heard briefly through some of her discussions with Ptolemy.

6 Senseya

Last Days-Ptolemy-Gray-Sensei

Although fans only meet her through flashbacks, it is easy to see that Sensei is a brilliant person, especially as she portrays herself in this way through her conversations with Ptolemy Robin. She’s smart enough to figure out when she’s good and brass enough to follow what she wants.

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Some aspects of her personality that prove that fans are not as intelligent as initially thought are her sudden and tendency to spend more money. In one scene, Ptolemy has to stop killing her ex-boyfriend, which puts her in jail. The protagonist has to hide the money from her because he knows she will spend them in less time.

5 Reggie Lloyd

Last Days-Ptolemy-Gray-Reggae

Reggie may be one of the first characters to die in this series, but a few scenes of the thoughtful nephew are enough to emphasize his intelligence. He is kind and gracious, but also has the ability to think things through. For example, Ptolemy recognized the importance of consulting a specialist for the situation.

His last conversation with Ptolemy also highlights how he could have thought ahead when Alfred devised a plan to bring his wife and children out of the city before he was released from prison. He, unfortunately, gets word to the murderer Alfred, who does not act fast enough on this plan.

4 Robin

Last Days-Ptolemy-Gray-Ending-Robin-Dominic-Fishback

Many fans will agree that Robin is a favorite character in the mini-series because her selfless actions allowed Ptolemy to fulfill his last mission. She may be young, but she understands that the world is a neglected, dangerous and unjust place. In many ways, Robin had to grow up because of his experiences with his parents.

She can handle complex situations – like Ptolemy’s will – in a surprisingly mature way. She knows she’s not perfect and has a lot to learn, which only adds to how clever she really is.

3 Dr. Rubin

Dr. Rubin in the last days of Ptolemy Gray.

Whether fans like him or not, there is no denying that Dr. Rubin is very intelligent. His research on memory and his experimental tests may be questionable, but these scientific inquiries certainly require an intelligent person to assist in the progress of research.

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On top of that the doctor showed that he could be kind in that slightly threatening attitude. He can continue Ptolemy’s mockery and is concerned about his well – being not only as a patient but also as his friend. He lacks sympathy, he knows but hides that the temporary relief they offer can often make the situation worse. It is equally important to have the knowledge to understand how crucial it is to a patient’s life and to follow his scientific goals.

2 Coydog

Last Days-Ptolemy-Gray-Coydag

Coydag is often the center of Ptolemy’s flashbacks to the series, as the protagonist’s uncle had a huge impact on his life. Ptolemy has many lessons from Coydog, which cover everything from caring for his mother to coping with grief.

Leaving these lessons aside, Koydog is also highlighted as a brilliant character thanks to his courageous actions. Ptolemy thanks Coydag for giving his life many years ago and being able to help his community today. Coydag realized and understood how those doubles could help future generations if they were in the right hands.

1 Ptolemy Gray

Last Days-Ptolemy-Gray-Samuel-El-Jackson

Coydag may have embarked on a mission to distribute wealth through money, but Ptolemy worked hard to complete it. How much less time Ptolemy had left in his more obvious position to catch not only his nephew’s killer, but also other people in the community through the Coydog treasure.

In fact, the audience will remember Ptolemy as an astonishingly insightful, compassionate and selfless man. He carefully considers every decision he makes, so the reason why the miniseries ends with a bitter sweet – all things considered – happy ending.

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