10 Main Characters, Ranked By Intelligence

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Netflix’s Do Revenge. With Jennifer Kaytin Robinson’s Do Revenge Now on Netflix, Eleanor and Drea proved teenagers are much smarter than they seem as they sought vengeance against their classmates. These two newfound friends had to think two steps ahead to outsmart them and allow their master plan to be set in motion, especially given a school like Rosehill High, where they faced the brightest students like Max.

Eleanor and Drea thought strategically about taking down their enemies, such as their weaknesses and strengths, and were smart about having double insurance. And with a jaw-dropping plot twist that no one saw coming, it’s only fitting that the characters in Do Revenge are some of the most intelligent and conniving teen characters of all time.


10 Montana

All great teen movies need a simple-minded character and Do Revenge is no expectation. Drawing inspiration from Karen in Mean Girls, Montana fits the well-meaning “dumb girl” who rounds out the Hillcrest royalty court.

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Montana is constantly snacking and getting food stuck in her teeth without realizing it. And despite having ended her friendship with Drea, she kept her in her social media close circle, which wasn’t the brightest thing to do. It easily allowed Drea to learn about the updates about the group’s whereabouts and ended up busting Eleanor at her surprise party.

9 Tara

With Alisha Boe as one of the more well-known cast members in Do Revenge, she portrays another teenager but as popular student Tara. Tara isn’t unintelligent per se, but she’s also not the smartest character in Do Revenge because of her naïveté. She blatantly trusts Max for just about anything. And instead of standing up for her best friend, she falls in line with Max and even starts dating him.

She’s so consumed with her image that she even goes along with the idea that she and Max were a non-monogamous couple when that wasn’t the truth. Sadly, Tara picks a boy to rise in social status at the expense of her intelligence to defend herself and others close to her.

8 Elliot

What Elliot might lack in convincing intelligence, he makes up for in his people skills intelligence. He’s one of the smartest members of the Hillcrest royalty court because he knows when to stay out of things and when to get involved.

A loyal friend, Elliot has no problem using his brains to get the students of Hillcrest to understand why Max being non-monogamous is a great thing for them. He also quickly comes to his senses when there is proof that Max is a rotten human and doesn’t waste a breath on him after that.

7 Meghan

Ivy League-bound Meghan (Paris Berlec) is anything but dumb. In fact, she’s one of the most intelligent and calculating characters in Do Revenge. Unfortunately, she uses her powers for evil instead of good which makes her one of the least liked characters in the movie.

However, Meghan is skilled at writing which is how she can put Drea on top of the world at the start of the movie, only later to tear her down to build Max up as a victim of assault. Meghan’s intelligence lies in her ability to twist a narrative in print and verbally.

6 Carissa

Carissa is clearly a character who cares about the environment based on her work on the Hillcrest farm, making her far more intelligent due to her ambitions. However, she also foolishly decides to grow marijuana and mushrooms on school grounds thinking she wouldn’t get caught.

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Carissa’s recklessness and lack of judgment keep her from being one of the smartest characters in Do Revenge. However, she does win some intelligent points back for being the only one to recognize Eleanor as Nora from camp without any prompting.

5 Russ

Russ is easily the best character in Do Revenge because he’s the only person who stays completely out of the drama Eleanor and Drea find themselves in. It’s a smart decision on his part, yet he still falls victim to Drea’s charm and wit, which keeps him from realizing who she actually is as a person. .

It’s Russ’s blind trust in Drea that makes fans think he’s not the brightest student at Hillcrest. But he is a good person by heart who happens to be the most moral and wisest character compared to others, even suggesting good advice to Drea about college and her dreams, leading to one of the best quotes in Do Revenge.

4 Gabbi

Gabbi is a minor character in Do Revenge, and thus, fans don’t get to see too much of her. But from what they do see, Gabbi is one of the most intelligent and well-meaning characters in the entire movie since she has a good judgment of reading people.

She’s the first to pick up that Eleanor’s transformation into the popular girl is an act, describing it as “Eleanor’s armor.” She’s also the first to realize when Eleanor fully transforms from pretending to be popular to believing she is — even before Eleanor herself. She’s extremely perceptive of the people around her, which makes her the most emotionally intelligent character.

3 Max

Max is easily the most hated character in Do Revenge, but he wouldn’t hold the title if he wasn’t so smart and good at being a convincing piece of trash. His intelligence manifests in his ability to curate an image that masks his true identity as someone who he doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

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He’s smart enough to pretend he is “woke” to get the student body on his side so that he can do no wrong in their eyes. Even worse, he sees Drea as a threat from very early on and knows exactly how to emotionally manipulate her to get her to do what he wants and ruin her life. Though he was tough to outsmart, even figuring out Eleanor and Drea’s ploy, he still loses by the end as his act could only go on for so long.

2 Drea

For much of Do Revenge, it seems Drea was the most intelligent and conniving character. Not only is she book smart (as evident by her application to Yale), but she is also strategic and street smart. She creates the entire elaborate plan to take down Max and Carissa in the beginning of the movie. And she’s the only one who suspects that Carissa is growing drugs on campus.

Drea also knew what was in and against her favor, as Max’s wealth and elitist status would make it hard to bust him, the truth that many Twitter users reacted to about. Do Revenge. However, Drea spends so much time consumed with her own intelligence that she fails to realize she’s not the smartest in the room, allowing Eleanor to spot her character flaw.

1 Eleanor

To mastermind a plot twist in Do Revenge, Eleanor has to be operating with a high IQ. She knows exactly when to let her guard down to earn Drea’s trust, a deception that allowed for her brilliant plot to work. She also lets Drea believe she was in charge of the revenge plot because she knew it would help her achieve her overall goal of taking her down.

From pretending to be quiet and shy to always being one step ahead of the drama, there is no doubt that Eleanor is the most intelligent character in Do Revenge. She made sure that every part of her plan was intricate without any suspicion, and if anything faltered, there was always a backup in motion.

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