2.5k exhibitors showcase their creativity at the 53rd Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Exhibition

The 53rd edition of the five-day Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Festival (IHGF) kicked off on Wednesday in Greater Noida with the launch of the B2B e-commerce platform aimed at promoting Indian small artists to global markets.

The exhibition, organized by the Handicraft Export Promotion Council, is being held at the Exhibition Mart in India and more than 2,500 exhibitors are exhibiting their artefacts under one roof to more than 3,000 national and international buyers.

On the first day of the fair, ExpoBazaar, a subsidiary of the Indian Expo Mart, Greater Nodia, was launched through which Indian merchants can purchase their products from ready-made and certified independent retailers and around the world. Offer to small businesses.

The platform also opened to North American markets on Wednesday and is scheduled to launch later this year in Australia and Europe. The platform has been in operation for the past one year during which we We reach out to small scale artists and handicraft makers through our existing networks. “Jitin Prasher, vice president of ExpoBazar, said.

A warehouse was also set up in the United States on Wednesday to store the products of local artists listed on the portal, so that customers could deliver within a few days rather than wait for the product to be delivered, Presser added. India.

In addition, the exhibition also saw the participation of local artists from different states of India who have been trained by the Indian Exhibition Mart to promote their handicrafts.

“India has a vast industry of local artists and artisans who are very talented but can’t sell their handicrafts because they can’t find the right channels. Connected through other organizations and trained us as entrepreneurs through a five-day virtual training session, ”said Harbinder Singh, Director, Exhibition Mart Program, India.

Singh added: “Artists have been trained in product development, marketing, product photography, inventory creation and other skills to ensure that their products meet international standards.” He said the program was launched in September 2012 and has so far trained more than seven artists.

Darmandar Kumar, a small-scale exporter of handicrafts from Lakshmi Nagar, Delhi, said the program had helped him to come up with new designs to suit the needs of the customers.

“Our family has been making handicrafts from semi-wood for several generations. However, as the old ways of selling have disappeared, our business has begun to take effect. How to design a product according to the needs of the customers and so on. This has helped me to grow my business, “said Kumar.

Sources said that the exhibition will also see exhibitions from Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir and seven northeastern states for the first time.

“Recently, sustainability has become a hot topic in global markets and organic, sustainable and environmentally friendly products from the Himalayan states have found a new global base of customers. However, these artists need guidance.” To make our products global. This is where IHGF is implemented, “said Rakesh Kumar, Director General of the Handicraft Export Promotion Council.

Exhibitors at the show said that after delays in trade due to the Cove-19 epidemic, they expect exports to increase in the coming days.

“Customers are visiting us from all over the world and we are very much looking forward to seeing their strong demand. Exports will continue to grow in the coming days, especially in the textile sector,” said Virat Singh, of Sector 58 in Noida. From the fair and the garment exporter exhibition.

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