2 Experienced low-cost player Eric Tin Hug wants to solve Manchester United’s creativity issue

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The story is set to end soon, with Ajax managing coach Eric Tin Hague expected to sign a four-year deal with Manchester United next week, according to reports. The Dutch have already set their first two goals that could lead to a low-cost deal. Here, find out who they are.

Eric Las Hogg or Ajax
3 Peter Lucas / Getty ImagesEric Las Hogg or Ajax

This is widely expected Eric Las Hogg Next week he will sign a four-year contract to do the job Manchester UnitedManager before next season. Despite the fact that the Red Devils also have ties to Luis Enrique, Mauricio Pochettino and Julian Lupetti, it is widely believed that they have decided to stand with Tin Hague as their next manager.

Because of his current job as a manager AjaxThe 52-year-old was reluctant to talk about his future plans. An agreement with Manchester United is expected to be signed by 2026 after the Dutch Cup final. Daily Mail.

De Godszonen’s deputy is Mitchell van der Gaag Is expected to make friends Ten Hogs at Old Trafford, although Robin van Persie is unlikely to be reunited with him due to family responsibilities in the Netherlands. The Man United player reportedly asks former Ajax player Donnie Van de Beck about Ten Hag training techniques.

Eric Las Hogg wants to sign these two experienced stars

The Dutch strategist will rebuild the team, he has already submitted his ideas to the management, as well as the restorations that should be brought in the summer. Thus, the 52-year-old is reportedly interested in bringing Juventus next to Paolo DiBalla To Old Trafford during the next transfer window.

According to the Italian newspaper Corriere dello SportThe U.S. administration has already met with the 28-year-old agent to discuss a possible free transfer. Discussions are still in the early stages, with Forward also linked with Arsenal and Tottenham while the Argentine administration is looking for potential defenders.

Dibala will leave Juventus at the end of the season if his contract expires without an agreement between the two sides after he left for Turin in the summer of 2015.

The Man Utd coach also plans to buy the 33-year-old Ajax captain soon. Dosan TadikTo England with him. The Dutch reportedly value the Serbian player and believe he will contribute a lot to the Red Devils’ creativity.

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