25+ of the world’s breweries on the Cali Coast: Brewer Weekend starts on April 22nd

Right now, right in your backyard, world-class craft breweries are offering fresh, handmade selections along with a variety of food options and in pleasant spaces where people return, share stories and remember what the community is about.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

This is a generosity of amazing craft cooking scenes on the coast.

More than twenty-five independent craft breweries (read: small businesses owned by family and friends, where the products they produce and the jobs they create are local) sprinkled up and down Highway 1 breaks liquid bread in nearby tasting rooms and reviving a simple concept appreciating a well-crafted craft product while reconnecting with friends and neighbors.

High Seas is one of seven star selections included in the Coast Mixed Pack, which ships to 33 states via Half Time Beverage (pre-sale starts on Monday; watch DrinkBay.Beer)

From April 22-24, we will raise the cup for a toast with members of the Bay Area Brewers Guild’s Coast and celebrate these neighboring breweries, from Carmel-by-the-Sea to the Pacific.

And “word class” is no empty praise. At least six domestic brewers have earned awards for being among the best in the world, with several medals over several years proving it: Alvarado Street Brewery, Peter B’s Brewpub, Discretion Brewing Co., New Bohemia Brewing Co., Corralitos Brewing Co. and Pacifica Brewery.

Two of these breweries, Alvarado and Pacifica, join Humble Sea Brewing Co. a Other Brother Beer Co. in providing versions of a special Coast Mixed Pack available as a beer box, which will be delivered to consumers in 33 states later this month. Pre-sale starts this week at Coast Brewer Weekend (see announcement on DrinkBay.Beer)

With such a lot of cooperation, the highlight for the coming weekend will be the new edition of Discretion IPA, Cool Cats, which will certainly have a high pedigree due to the participation of Hop Dogma and Pacific.

Beers Central Coast Brewers

Discretion is ready to entertain with live music, a special edition collaboration with Hop Dogma and Pacifica and some – er – friendly competition.

Cool Cats will be available at your discretion directly (proposal and submission) from Friday 22 April or schedule other Brewer Weekend events – its 1st annual ping pong tournament and live music in the beer garden on Sunday 24 April. .

More than just product quality, diverse beer styles and a hospitality environment, local breweries are active in their communities in many ways. Steel Bonnet, for example, will be making a fundraiser for the Wings Advocacy on Saturday, April 23 with live music and food from Adobo.

Beers Central Coast Brewers

Tasty Hop Dogma cupcakes include the award-winning Venti Is Large coffee.

Further north, Hop Dogma pairs cupcakes and cookies with five selections, including the winner of several GABF medals, Venti Is Large coffee.

Brewer Weekend listings will be fully downloaded on Monday on DrinkBay.Beer/Weekend, including highlighting multiple pairings (e.g. Half Moon Bay Brewing Co. for brunch; Fruition Brewing Co. for Oysters and Seafood; Brewery Twenty Five for working with local businesses such as There are roasters and patisseries, and more) and you can even find entertainment in the middle of the week to warm up right now (Tuesday Trivia at Pedro Point Brewing Co.; Vinyl Night on Wednesday at Other Brother Beer Co.).

So whether you are sharing the hardships of life or participating in a friendly competition, come and pick up a glass at your local brewery on Coast Bewer Weekend. Cheers.

Beers Central Coast Brewers

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