25% of workforce in Egypt are farmers, 85% of them categorized as ‘small farmers’: NACDW official

CAIRO – 9 December 2023: Head of the development sector in the Coptic Evangelical Organization explained in her speech at the National Alliance for Civil Development Work (NACDW) conference that nearly 25% of the workforce in Egypt are farmers, 85% of them are categorized. as ‘small farmers’.

She noted in her speech that the idea of ​​the ‘Planting initiative’ was suggested by the Coptic Evangelical Organization to NACDW in October 2022, and that then they started cooperating with NACSW in the agriculture sector with the participation of small farmers.

‘Plant initiative’ was launched in November 2022 with the strategic wheat and soybean crops.

During the conference, President Sisi listened to different examples for small farmers projects that was funded by the ‘Plant initiative’ in different governorates, as he praised their efforts and thanked them.

Health sector

In the Health sector, NACDW Medical advisor Hala Salah explained that nearly third of the NACDW’s budget has been allocated only to health services.

She noted that LE 110 million were provided as support for treatment and medical services.

She noted that specialized hospitals owned by the government provided 1.9M services at a cost of EGP 2.6B.

She also explained that 3,594 medical convoys reached 1.3M people at a cost EGP 350M in 2022, especially in remote and border areas.

Small projects

Vice president of Orman Association Mahmoud Fouad also said that 9K small projects were implemented by NACDW during 2022 and other 55k small projects are to be implemented during the coming period.

The National Alliance for Civil Development Work will also provide social security for 1.5M people a month and 25M seasonally in 2023.

Mohsen Sarhan, CEO of the Egyptian Food Bank said that 2022 was an important year for the civil community in Egypt, explaining that NACDW was able to provide food to 25 million Egyptian during 2022.

Noha Talaat, Secretary of NACDW said the alliance reached around 30 million citizens at a cost of LE 12 billion.

She added that the alliance managed to provided services to the entitled citizens thanks to the unified database of vulnerable citizens, which shows services provided to them.

NACDW’s activities have been directly connected to the axes of the National Strategy for Human Rights launched by the end of 2021, including the right to food, health, clean water, and social protection, she affirmed.

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi thanked on Monday workers at the National Alliance for Civil Development Work. [NACDW] conference along with all civil organizations in Egypt.

During attending the NACDW conference, Sisi expressed his happiness with the examples that was presented for small projects in different governorates.

In his statements Sisi urged Egyptians to listen to the government regarding all data and information especially economically.Sisi arrived Monday morning to the National Alliance for Civil Development Work (NACDW) conference.

Presidential Spokesman Bassam Radi said the alliance plays a pivotal role in the state’s development process and supports social protection networks mechanisms.

The alliance is integrating its work with the efforts being exerted by the State and the private sector to realize social development and upgrade services, the spokesman added.

He said the alliance was launched in March 2022 with the participation of members of key development and civil work associations in Egypt to serve social development work.


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