5 lessons that GTA 6 should learn from Saints Row reboot’s failure

Saints Row is a popular open-world game series similar to the GTA franchise. Although each series has its own distinct style and implementation, players frequently point to Saints Row as a GTA knockoff.

The Saints Row reboot was released on August 23, 2022, and it received widespread criticism from fans all over the world due to its many game-altering elements. Rockstar Games is working on the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto series, and has a lot to learn from its competitor’s obvious mistakes.

This article outlines five lessons that GTA 6 developers should take from the Saints Row reboot’s blunders.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer’s opinion. The list is not in any particular order.

5 Saints Row reboot mistakes GTA 6 should avoid

1) Don’t be a clone

Fans adore the Saints Row series because of what it offered in the previous games. However, the recent reboot greatly disappointed them as it took a completely different direction.

According to the players, the previous titles gave them a feeling of hardcore gangsters while maintaining the game’s fun vibe. They have now accused the recent release of being a Fortnite clone. The characters’ appearance, gameplay execution, and overall graphics make the reboot appear more like a Fortnite session.

GTA 6 developers should identify the silver lining between other battle royale games and the series’ iconic gameplay style, and focus solely on improving their path.

2) Bugs and glitches

The Saints Row reboot is riddled with bugs and glitches. Though it is not a rushed release like CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077, it suffers from a number of issues that detract from the gameplay experience.

The Saints Row reboot’s characters don’t suffer from fall damage, have improper swimming vehicle animations, and suitable NPC reactions. As a competitor to the GTA franchise, players compared it to older Grand Theft Auto games and were thoroughly disappointed.

Rockstar should place a high priority on releasing the new game as free of glitches as possible since players do not want another buggy experience, especially from a fresh offering.

3) No iconic characters

Since the game is a “reboot,” players were expecting to see the return of iconic characters from the series. Deep Silver Volition did not include them in the game but went with a completely new cast whose members are completely unknown to the fans.

Rockstar is also known for introducing new characters to each of its games. The GTA 6 leaks already show two new protagonists in the series. However, to please fans, the developers should include a few iconic characters as well. Similar to Claude, Victor Vance, and Tony Prince, fans will be anticipating some major characters to be present in the new game.

4) Irritating dialog

Saints Row fans frequently complain about the new game’s annoying character dialog. While the script does play an important role in storytelling and character portrayal, unwanted and irritating dialog can hinder the gaming experience.

GTA games, particularly Grand Theft Auto Online, have some irritating dialog from NPC characters and mission providers. Players have frequently complained about these vexing aspects. Although they have not changed in the current game, players are expecting an improved script in the new game.

5) Pop-culture reference

Pop-culture references are popular among today’s gamers as they enjoy such inclusions because they can relate to them. It gives the game an inclusive, modern, and up-to-date vibe.

The Saints Row reboot attempted to do the same, but the developers overdid it, resulting in players despising the very aspect of it. Many fans of the previous titles have criticized the references as cliche and boring.

Rockstar should try to balance pop-culture references in the upcoming game. While their presence in GTA 5 was impressive, the game was released nine years ago. Since then, society has changed substantially, and Rockstar should abide by the phrase “modern problems require modern solutions” for their future releases.

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