6 handicrafts that do not lose relevance in Nigeria you should learn

Handwork is a skill that requires you to use your hands to render services or products to people. It involves the use of your hands and knowledge to solve problems creatively.

However, it takes months of learning as an apprentice to get enough knowledge to stand on your own. In Nigeria, the duration of learning varies depending on your interests.

Certain handicrafts have survived and have been relevant despite the emergence of technology and modernity. These are handicrafts that will always be in high demand due to the fact that they are a necessity for humans.

1. Hair styling

Every human on earth has a head full of hair. This is the most valuable and profitable handicraft in Nigeria. You can use this skill both at home and abroad because it opens doors for opportunities. Hair stylists are needed almost everywhere.

It takes learning for a period of time as an apprentice, watching online videos and consistent practice to become a professional in this trade. It is also important that you learn about trending hairstyles to get more customers and also to keep you relevant.

2. Photography

Photography is a very lucrative skill that will always be relevant. You can always use it to make money for yourself. You can be self-employed with this skill, but you would have to go through the necessary training.

This handwork remains relevant because there is always a need for a photographer to capture events and ceremonies. The emergence of mobile phones has not been a threat to photography as a business. This should not discourage your passion and zeal for photography.

3. Hair barbing

This is a skill that involves the cutting of hair for both males and females. People will always spend money to look good no matter what it costs.

Hair barbing is a skill that will always remain relevant as long as people have hair on their head. To also remain relevant, you must be flexible enough to adjust to changes and trending styles. Keep learning from various sources.

4. House painting

The real estate sector cannot survive without painters. It is still the most resourceful and lucrative business currently. This is why painters are relevant, and they get paid handsomely for their work. However, it requires you to learn more and be creative.

Painters will always be needed because a lot of buildings are being erected daily and will definitely need to be painted sooner or later.

5. Baking and pastry

Any business that satisfies humans’ basic necessities of life will always remain relevant. Human beings cannot survive without food. It is one of the basic necessities of life.

Moreover, no celebration or occasion is complete without food. Every guest needs to be entertained, no matter how little it might be.

You can make a lot of money by making pastries or snacks as a student or working class person for ceremonies and occasions. This handwork has been relevant for various years now and has no plans of going into extinction anytime soon.

6. Fashion designing or tailoring

This is one of the best skills to learn for relevance now and in the near future. Clothing is also one of the basic necessities of life for man. Every man needs a cloth to cover his nakedness and also stand out in the middle of the crowd.

Fashion designing is a solution to man’s problem. It has been around for a long time, even at the creation of man. The only difference is the changes in style that have evolved over the years.


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