A Google analysis shows which words are the most confusing to Americans.

SALT LAKE CITY — Are you ever curious to know what certain terms or phrases mean? So are other Americans, so many of which turn to Google to find out. The company behind the ProWritingAid grammar app conducted a study to better define the most searched words and phrases.

So, they analyzed the Google search phrase “what does … mean?” They used four different categories to differentiate the words or phrases: slang, medical, angel numbers and political. Then they looked for the word or phrase that people searched the most in each category.

They report that the largest category, where most of the questions are asked, involves slang.

Slang is defined as an informal use of language that uses a word or a phrase to stand for something else other than its literal meaning. The most searched-for slang phrase in America, making up 89% of searches in this category, is “pushing p.”

(If you are wondering what it means, you aren’t alone.) Pushing p (p standing for player) basically means that you are keeping it real and staying true to yourself.

Additionally, medical terminology confuses many Americans. The most searched-for medical term was “pansexual.” The word is searched 98,000 times per month in the US. It means someone who is attracted to people no matter their gender or gender identity.

The phrase “angel numbers” is another common search conducted by Americans. In the practice of numerology, angel numbers hold a certain meaning if they are seen in a repeating pattern such as 111 or 222. The top searched angel number is 444, more than 160,000 Americans search this number per month.

Seeing the number 444 means angels are by your side in everything you do, they are for a higher purpose, honesty, health, and success.

The last category studied by ProWritingAiod is politics. The phrase most searched in this field is “Let’s go Brandon.” This phrase is used to exhibit extreme dislike for President Joe Biden, without having to use any expletives. About 180,000 people in the US searched this phrase, coming in as the second most searched phrase overall.

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