A look back at the women’s junior basketball class in Ohio

Last week, Earth-grant Holy Land went through the 2021/22 season for three seniors. All three had a lasting impact on the course during the 2021/22 season, en route to the Big Ten Championship in the base state of Ohio.

Today, LGHL will look at a group of juniors in the state of Ohio. Players are ranked by minutes played and their status for next season is accurate from publication.

Jacy Sheldon

To say that guard Jacy Sheldon surprised people is a weak word. For all intents and purposes, Sheldon led Scarlet & Gray throughout the season. A native of Dublin, Ohio, the Buckeyes led in points (631), match points (19.7), assists (134) and profits (62).

What makes these statistics more impressive is the diverse way in which they were obtained. Sheldon started the season as a scorer and played in the first 14 games of the season. On January 9, 2022, the then first-place defender Kateri Poole suffered an injury that disqualified her from four squads. Sheldon entered another match on the quarterback and remained in the role of mediator for the rest of the season.

It was a role Sheldon hadn’t played since high school, but it wasn’t recognizable on the court. Sheldon had an average of 5.1 assists per game in 18 games, and her effectiveness immediately increased in the scoring column.

In three of her first four games in this position, Sheldon reached the seasonal high, scoring 33 goals against Michigan State and a pair of 32-point appearances against Minnesota and Rutgers.

The fourth match in which Sheldon didn’t score 30 points? On January 20, 2022, when Sheldon recorded her first double-double of the season, she scored 10 assists and 24 goals in Buckeyes’ first victory against a valuable opponent in the 2021/22 season.

In the same game, it was appropriate for Buckeye’s career to reach a personal milestone – her 1,000th for a member of the State of Ohio.

Sheldon had two doubles throughout the season; everyone came in great moments. The second was on February 27, when the Buckeyes ended their regular season with a trip to East Lansing, Michigan. With a B1G championship title, the Spartans took the lead with three minutes left, Sheldon scored five of his 13 points that day and assisted one to get the Buckeyes into the lead when they won 61:55.

This was followed by five post-season matches, in which Sheldon continued to lead the team in scoring, missing a total of five minutes in five games. In the second round, the Buckeyes played in the hostile environment of Baton Rouge in Louisiana against Louisiana State University.

Sheldon was key in winning 79:64. Although the guard missed two assists before her third double-double this year, Sheldon still scored 23 points, three rebounds and three stole. Sheldon and Buckeyes shocked the home crowd by unilaterally defeating the LSU Tigers.

Unfortunately for Sheldon the Scarlet & Gray, the season ended sooner than they had hoped when they lost 63:66 in the sweet sixteen with the Texas Longhorns.

Throughout the year and after the season, Sheldon received personal recognition for her work. Sheldon has been named to the B1G honorary list twice during the season, nominated unanimously for the first All-B1G team, the only player not in the B1G conference tournament title who has been named to the All-B1G tournament team and All-B1G academic selection. . , First of all.

Sheldon returns for the 2022 season, making Buckeyes a terrifying opponent. Guard Taylor Mikesell returns with Sheldon and trains for another year of fitness. This makes both of Ohio’s top shooters back in Scarlet & Gray for another try.

Rebeka Mikulášiková

Junior striker Rebeka Mikulášiková started in the colors for the state of Ohio. In the 2021/22 season, the Slovak Center got into a difficult position – a starter. Mikulášiková and graduate striker Tanaya Beachamová remained as the top players in the position of the beginning strikers Dorka Juhasz and Aaliyah Patty on the transfer portal. Nicholas’ season was her third with the Buckeyes, but in 44 games in two seasons, she started only one. In the year 2021/22, Mikulášiková started all 32.

With the increased minutes of Mikulášikova came increased productivity. Mikulášiková recorded an average of 9.4 points and 4.9 rebounds per match in 642 minutes, almost as many as she played in the first two years.

At the beginning of the season, Mikulášiková started strongly, averaging 14.5 points per game until the conference game on December 12, 2021. From there, the scoring was inconsistent as the Buckeyes rivals became increasingly difficult. In three games from December 12 to January 6, Mikulášiková scored no points in three consecutive games, one of which was a 71:90 loss to the Michigan Wolverines on December 31, 2021.

Like the Buckeyes team as a whole, Mikulášiková also found her step and improved. After a challenging section with zero points, Mikulášiková recorded double-digit numbers in five of the following seven, with the greatest moment falling on 31 January 2022.

Against University of Iowa finalist Caitlin Clark, the Buckeyes performed one of the strongest offensive performances of the conference season. Mikulášiková had a lot of it. With the victory of 92:88, Mikulášiková left three of them, while five of the seven hit behind the arc.

Mikulášiková was a threat from the depths throughout the season. While head coach Kevin McGuff probably prefers names like Mikesell or Sheldon when shooting from depth, the extra aimed at the two guards gave Mikulášik space to throw his own shots. Mikulášiková hit several three-point shots per game in five matches, in the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament against the LSU she even led two to three.

The third-year striker was named All-B1G Academic Selection in 2021-22. If Mikulášiková finds consistency in the 2022/23 season, she will add awards on the court.

Hevynne Bristow

Ohio State Ranger Hevynne Bristow joined the Ohio State Buckeyes after playing in Providence for a year. That year in Providence, Bristow began three games, which appeared on the 29th.

After a 20/21 season in which she played 14 minutes in four appearances, it looked like Bristow had a chance to fight for the starting position. Bristow started her first match at Scarlet & Gray against Bucknell University at the start of the season. Bristow scored six points and five rebounds, but made three turns.

It was Bristow’s lonely start to the season, appearing in 10 more games during the season.

The lack of minutes did not mean that Bristow did not receive recognition for all her work. Like Sheldon, Bristow received the Academic All-B1G Honors Award for her role as a student athlete.

Madison Greene

Madison Greene, a younger guard, had no influence on the court, but her name appeared frequently throughout the year. Before the start of the season, Greene was to enter the vintage alongside Sheldon and Mikesell. Greene entered the season after receiving the All-B1G honorary recognition and an average of 13.5 points in the 20/21 season, where she competed in each match.

Then, on November 10, 2021, the first day of the Buckeyes season, Ohio State announced that an excellent quarterback had suffered a knee injury at the end of the season.

In retrospect, this injury raises many “what if” questions, but it also shows the adversity of the fate that Greene and Buckeyes have overcome to end the regular season by lifting the conference trophy.

Green’s return next season, added to a new freshman class, and any transfers that might fall in McGuff’s way, give the state of Ohio something they didn’t have at 21/22: expectations.

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