A new children’s learning center is coming to Harrisburg soon

Harrisburg, Pa. (WHTM) – A free school can come to downtown Harrisburg soon.

Catherine Hershey School for Early Learning is a subsidiary of Milton Hershey School. The organization plans to open six early childhood education centers in 2024 with a corner of Sixth Street and Muench.

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Information and connectivity events will be held in Harrisburg. One was held April 8 and includes free takos.

The school offers free programs for at-risk children under five.

“Investing in early childhood education contributes to high school graduation, high literacy and high school graduation rates, low crime rates and many of the things we do with our early childhood education programs,” said Catherine Hershey School Executive Director. Senate Alexander said.

Another informational meeting of the Harrisburg community will be held in late spring. Meanwhile, Catherine Hershey Schools is now hiring for the first location in Hershey, which is scheduled to open next year.

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