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Monaco is the backdrop to many of the world’s most glamorous and star-studded events. One such event is the exclusive Monaco Grand Prix, which is filled with celebrities, billionaires and the biggest names in yachting and motorsport. By the time the Monaco Yacht Show rolls around, the Mediterranean summer is in full swing and the best superyacht designers descend upon the principality to show off their latest, most cutting-edge designs.

This year will be no different, with a global corpus of supremely gifted creators exhibiting at the show. Designs on display promise to showcase the very best in superyacht delineation and give yachting enthusiasts a chance to see what emerging trends are set to shape the superyacht industry for years to come.

Leading designers will be giving presentations in Virage Louis Chiron about eco-friendly yachting projects in the conference room upstairs. The following is a selection of the designers and design firms that will be exhibiting at the Monaco Yacht Show this year.

Sinot Yacht Architecture And Design

The Netherlands

  • – Based in Eemnes
  • – Behind hydrogen powered concept, Aqua

Looking back at previous yacht shows, it’s hard not to talk about the 2019 edition in Monaco. It was a year of amazing firsts and exciting advancements made by some of the world’s best designers. All eyes were on Dutch firm, Sinot Yacht Design and its 112-metre Aqua, worth an alleged A$916 million and for a while believed to have been ordered by Bill Gates.

Under the guidance of experienced designer Sander Sinot, who for a time worked as an industrial designer in New York for Henry Dreyfuss, Sinot Yacht Design has gone from strength to strength, penning the plans for interiors and exteriors of superyachts such as 77.25-metre Pi. and Larry Ellison’s 88-metre superyacht Musashi.

Ever busy, the 30-strong team of designers at Sinot Yacht Design have produced some very special superyacht concepts including the 108.8-metre Pride Mega Yachts superyacht Tomorrow and 115-metre Estatement.

115-metre superyacht concept Estatement, designed by Sinot Yacht Architecture and Design | Source: Pride Mega Yachts

The first six months of a yacht is intense because that is when we develop GAs and interiors. Here, the designers and CGI specialists make the renders, then, if approved, it moves to the technical specialists, FF&E and project management teams. It works well!

Sander Sinot, Sinot Yacht Design Founder told Superyacht Times.

Azure Yacht Design And Naval Architecture

The Netherlands

  • – Founded 2003
  • – Based in Haarlem

Another Dutch firm, Azure Yacht Design and Naval Architecture, will be showing off its latest concepts at the Monaco Yacht Show and promoting its four-step philosophy for designing superyachts.

Firstly, the design house establishes the fundamental qualities of the plan, and then designers and naval architects collaborate closely to ensure more developed, highly feasible spatial planning. The next step involves translating digital mock-ups into scale models, so the new vessel can be inspected from every angle.

The final step in Azure’s process involves design and architectural support while the superyacht is being built; the design house stays in constant communication with shipyards and stakeholders.

Notable vessels that have been designed by Azure include 88.5-metre Cloud 9 and 85.47-metre Sunrays. The work they did on 77-metre, Damen-built explorer superyacht La Datcha earned them a commendation for Outstanding Exterior Motor Yacht Design in the 60m and above category at the Boat International Design & Innovation Awards.

La Datcha from Azure Yacht Design
77-metre superyacht La Datcha, designed by Azure Yacht Design and Naval Architecture | Source: Damen Yachting

Sorgiovanni Design


  • – Founded 1997
  • – Sam Sorgiovanni was mentored by the late yacht designer Jon Bannenberg.

Sam Sorgiovanni has penned the plans for some of the most beautiful superyachts on the water today. His designs can be seen cruising the crystal blue waters of the Med or traversing the Atlantic.

Vessels designed by Sam have a reputation for providing the ultimate in luxury but are also demonstrations of a distinctively pleasing style; perfect lines, angles and proportions are precise and well thought out.

Monaco Yacht Show will feature Sam Sorgiovanni designs
75-metre ‘Cocoon’ superyacht concept | Source: Sorgiovanni Design
Monaco Yacht Show will feature Sam Sorgiovanni designs
120-metre ‘Equinox’ superyacht concept | Source: Sorgiovanni Design

One notable Sorgiovanni design was that of Paul Allen’s iconic, groundbreaking explorer yacht, 126-metre Octopus which was refitted in 2019 by Blohm+Voss. This vessel was one of the most famous and renowned superyachts of the 2000s and hosted celebrities and business leaders. Sorgiovanni Designs completely reimagined the interiors, giving them a new lease on life. The vessel now lives up to its reputation as a hangout for big tech businessmen, rockstars and actors.

This year, Sorgiovanni Designs will again be part of the Yacht Design and Innovation Hub with plans for the renowned Australian studio to bring a model of the largest trimaran superyacht in the world and on of his most highly acclaimed vessels of recent years, White Rabbit.

I want to this year emphasize the fact that we can actually be green and do something green with technology that exists. Rather than pushing boundaries all the time, why don’t we just embrace what we know and what we have?

Sam Sorgiovanni

For this vessel, Sorgiovanni has worked with renowned multi-hull builder Echo Yachts for an experienced yachtsman who wanted a vessel his whole family could enjoy.

Source: Echo Yachts

It is a revolutionarily radical design that manages to bring together cutting-edge superyacht design and a thirst for innovation, which it achieves in spades by using up to 30 per cent less fuel than a comparatively-sized monohull design.

Winch Design


  • – Founded 1986
  • – Designed the interiors of Roman Abramovich’s private Boeing 737-33A/ER

British firm Winch Design will continue its long tradition of bringing some good to the Monaco Yacht Show with the company’s founder Andrew Winch set to embark on a bicycle ride across the continent from London to Monaco for the start of the show.

This year, the team has raised over £250,000 to go towards the Blue Marine Foundation, a charity that aims to achieve official, effective protection for 30 per cent of the world’s oceans and responsible management for the remaining 70 per cent.

The firm is behind a slew of spectacular superyachts including the 74-metre Amels 242 Limited Editions Range, the Jeanneau 60 sailing yacht and the interiors of the inimitable 222-metre megayacht M/Y Somnio.

This year, attendees who are looking to get a taste of Winch’s distinctively understated and elegant design will be able to appreciate the gorgeous interiors of the 60-metre Amels superyacht, Come Together.

Andrew Winch designed Come Together will be at the Monaco Yacht Show
Amels’ 60-metre Come Together features interiors by Winch Designs | Source: Amels



  • – Founded 1930
  • – Started as a coachbuilder and car design firm

Italian design firms cannot be more highly respected largely because of illustrious and impressive design histories like Pininfarina’s. Based in Turin, Pininfarina Group can claim responsibility for 78 different car designs for brands such as Fiat, Peugeot and Cadillac over the last 76 years.

The company was founded in 1930 and has designed a vast rage of products for various industries and top brands, most notably Ferrari, with the partnership starting in the 1950s and continuing into the 90s. During this time, Pininfarina designed iconic supercars such as the Ferrari Testarossa and Ferrari 456 GT.

The firm’s nautical division produces spectacular renderings such as the cutting-edge sailing yacht Tango Wallycento for exciting up-and-coming Wally Yachts and the gorgeous 70-metre motor yacht concept Aurea, which takes inspiration for its wave-like lines from the surface of the ocean.

There is little doubt that the designers at Pininfarina will be displaying some breathtaking concepts at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show. The firm’s seven-step process for nautical applications leaves very little to be desired in terms of bold creativity and elegant refinement.

Reymond Langton Design


  • – Founded 2001
  • – Based in Bath

This British design firm entered the business after its two founders had already been designing superyachts for over 10 years. Their renderings are bold and ambitious, but always appropriate to brief and with more than a little bit of afterthought put into not only the practicality of the design but also distinctiveness and originality.

Reymond Langton has worked with the best in the business and has recently been keeping busy imagining the interiors of a new 122-metre Lürssen project, dubbed “JAG”. Their other big project of late, and one that has been highly acclaimed in the superyacht world, is the 80-metre superyacht Artefact.

Sam Reymond Langton design Artefact
80-metre superyacht Artefact, designed by Reymond Langton Design | Source: Nobiskrug

A distinctive geometric panel of glass on either side of a dramatic central atrium is the hallmark feature of Artefact, but multiple other design cues bring its bold construction into sharp focus. Flared superstructure outcroppings at its peripheries are something between a samurai helmet and aircraft wings while a precisely angled bow perfectly compliments the rest of Artefact’s proportions.

Reymond Langton Design will be one of the most sought-after firms at the Monaco Yacht Show thanks to its impressive resume and proven record of designing unique superyachts.

Mulder Design

The Netherlands

  • – Founded 1979
  • – Based in Amstelveen

Dutch firm Mulder Design will be exhibiting at the Monaco Yacht Show with some of its exciting new concepts and designs. Mulder Design specializes in mid to smaller-sized water craft but has planned all sizes of yachts including larger formats like the 70-metre “Crystal” expedition yacht and a 115-metre superyacht concept.

The firm has an impressive resume of luxe pleasure craft which are constructed by the best in the business. Riviera, Benetti and Gulf Craft have all built Mulder Design creations, with Aston Martin even employing the firm to pen plans for an Aston Martin Powerboat, the AM37.

Source: Mulder Design

Amongst their current projects are two explorer class superyachts, three 70-metre superyachts and a few stout Monte Finos. Mulder specializes in creations that hark back to the classic superyachts of the 80s and 90s, reflected in their prominent slanted bowline and voluminous silhouette. Their explorer yachts and Monte Finos give an impression of toughness and rugged capability.

Source: Mulder Design

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