A steep learning line with the nuances of Acura

Both Oliver Jarvis and Ricky Taylor say the Acura ARX-05 has a narrow working window, but at best, it could be a powerful weapon for this weekend at Mobil 1 Twelve Hours Sebring.

Jarvis of Meyer Shank Racing, who ran last year with the now-retired Mazda RT24-P, said the Acura is unexpectedly different from the Oreca LMP2 it is based on.

“It’s a really interesting car,” said Jarvis, who is MSR’s full partner for 2022, Tom Blomqvist, whose pair won the Rolex 24 Hours in January alongside Helio Castroneves and Simon Payneud. “Going into it, Tom and I were in a similar position and we both had P2 experience and you expect it to behave the same way and it doesn’t.

“It’s a very unique machine and there are a few nuances that make a big difference and it takes time to learn these small details and I’m definitely still doing it. It’s an awesome car, I really enjoyed the Daytona, but I feel like I have a lot to gain from it.

“We work closely with the team to sort things out. Obviously we had a good car in Daytona, but Sebring has a very different race cycle.

“You know, drivers want everything! They want the car to be stable when entering, they want it to turn at the top, they want to improve traction – that’s why we always ask a lot of engineers. This is just a reduction of the compromise to make sure that if you stabilize the input, you don’t break the middle corner, don’t choose too low. And then Sebring with shots is a completely different game. You pay more attention to the compatibility of the car as well as the maintenance of the tires over the long term. ”

Jarvis admitted that his preconceived notion that the Acura will be similar to the P2 car was initially an obstacle to getting him used to his new ride for 2022. Now he says the big difference between his ARX-05 and his Mazda from last year is in power transmission.

“Acura’s power transfer method, its torque, as well as traction control, this beast is different from what we had in Mazda. It has a very sophisticated traction control system in it and your head is around it, and I think there is a lot of time on the lap to find the right settings that work for you. There are a lot of settings, something we haven’t used much in the Mazda, so again, this is an intense learning curve. Every time I was in the car, I worked closely with Tom and the engineers. ”

In contrast, Ricky Taylor is in his fifth year with the ARX-05 and has spent three years with Team Penske, finishing in a championship with Castroneves in 2020. After ‘going home’ to Wayne Taylor Racing, she returns to travel again. he won the 2017 Cadillac DPi-VR race

Comparing Akura with the Cadillac, he said, “The Cadillac бештар felt more like a Cadillac! It was soft, not stressful enough, but not too aggressive. When you go to Akura, when you can actually get the power below, you will see where Acura will be strong…

“We go to Long Beach and the Cadillacs are incredibly strong on rough roads and then you go to Laguna Seka, smooth roads at high speed and we are really strong. Sebring falls somewhere in the middle, where you have a little bit of both. It’s rough there, the Cadillacs work really well, but it’s also high speed and you can really add a little bit of pressure where the Acura works really well.

On how many cars require adjustment according to the time of day and the temperature change in Sebring, Taylor noted, “Akura has a very small window … because it’s the car that needs to go to Le Mans … You run it. A small window, it’s a very high speed, you have a few things that you want it to do very well, and the song doesn’t change the whole thing. It gets it, but it doesn’t change at all.

“But when you come to Sebring, it’s always a big balance between“ Do you want to be good in the beginning or do you want to be good in the end? Because you won’t be good at both, and the turnover is huge. You have to think about how we survive during the day and deliver it at night, not only in terms of wear and tear, but also in terms of speed and position – without the psychological strain of drivers. ”

№10 Wayne Taylor Racing Acura ARX-05 Acura DPi: Ricky Taylor, Philip Albuquerque, Alexander Rossi, Will Stevens

Photo: Richard Dole / Motorsport Images

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