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“I’m still learning.” Michelangelo, a renowned artist, painter, and sculptor of the Renaissance at the age of 87, uttered four simple words that explain the importance of continuous learning for both personal and professional life.

As new Air Force Command The Professional Library allows Airlines and citizens to pursue lifelong professional development with books, podcasts, articles, etc., inspired by leadership recommendations in a variety of fields.

“It’s important to be a lifelong learner. Our goal for this professional Library is to encourage critical thinking and inspire ongoing conversations between airplanes, family members and friends as they explore new concepts and ideas. ” Patricia M. Young, AFMC Executive Director. “We are ready for the professional development of our aircraft throughout the enterprise. As leaders we are often asked what content we consume; here’s a chance to learn as we move into the future. “

The Professional Library is available Here.

The content of the site is updated as new thoughts, ideas and concepts influence the way we think and work throughout our mission.

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