Airbus A380 Singapore Airlines resumes flights to the US and brings first-class suites

Today, Singapore has reopened to fully vaccinated US passengers without testing or quarantine requirements. Is it related to reopened borders? Some fantastic flight reports from Singapore Airlines.

First: The world’s largest passenger plane is back. Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A380 – with economy, premium economy and business class and one of the most luxurious first-class cabins in the sky – was a welcome sight for frequent pilots when it landed at JFK in New York on March 28. – one year break.

The double-decker aircraft previously flew from Singapore to New York and Los Angeles before the COVID-19 pandemic enriched the global aviation industry – and it was a great experience for avid travelers. In 2020, however, Singapore Airlines reduced its 57-week US flight plan to just three. Now Singapore will return to entry points such as Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco and will operate more flights than before with 62 weekly flights from Singapore to the US plus more flights from Singapore to Canada.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suite

Courtesy of Singapore Airlines

What’s really exciting is that Singapore Airlines is bringing its latest premium product to the US with this relaunch. Previously, the A380 flying to New York did not contain a luxury, fully enclosed airline apartment. Now yes. First-class suites have sliding doors for more privacy with an unheard of 50 square feet of personal space. Each suite has a Poltron Frau swivel chair, as well as a single bed with fine linens. If you are traveling with a partner, the interconnected suites make it possible to create a double bed, just like in a hotel – and tailor-made Lalique pajamas and slippers await each guest. Even the toilets are elegant with a make-up seating area for refreshment. However, with only six apartments per plane, an early booking will be required.

Fortunately, on the A380, this wow factor is not limited to the first class. The aircraft features the airline’s latest business class design with even more space than other Singapore flights, an 18-inch entertainment screen and a 1-2-1 seat configuration with hand-stitched leather seats.

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