AJ Student Prize 2022: Royal College of Art

About the School of Architecture

Location London SW7 Courses Architecture MA Head of school Adrian Lahoud Full-time tutors 8 Part-time tutors 5 Student 166 Staff to student ratio 1:12


Anna Russell

Course Architecture MA
Studio/unit brief Make Film Place (ADS6)
Project title Quilt City

Project description This project proposes a quilted urban strategy, deploying intimacy, care and time to create a space in which to live, play and work, and where citizens actively participate in the decision-making surrounding production and maintenance. The public square will become the site of experiments in quilting. Free of built structures, it allows numerous possibilities but also has obstructions that cause some spaces to feel restricted – which this project seeks to subvert. At an intimate scale, the square will allow all stakeholders and local communities to be involved in decision-making. These changes will become visible to the city’s citizens and as we, the citizens, become aware of, impacted by and are involved in the re-stitching of the public space, an empowerment and political consciousness will be realized. The quilting can then be implemented in other parts of the city.

Tutor citation Anna’s project is a politically committed, articulate and beautifully realized exploration of the possibilities of how public space can be used and produced in the city. Quilting is employed as both a metaphor, stitching together the otherwise disconnected aspects of the city, and as a literal design process. Clara Kraft, Guan Lee and Satoshi Isono

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