AJ Vera of College Park was elected District 13-6A MVP

College Park senior AJ Vera ended his high school career with the District 13-6A Outstanding Soccer Award.

The Cavaliers reached the playoffs for the seventh time in a row after finishing third in the league with an overall record of 8-7-4, and the coaches selected Vera as the most valuable player in the league.

Vera was one of the last members of the College Park team to go to the 2019 state tournament.

Speaking of the state tournament, Woodland House had three Superlatives from this season’s team that played in Georgetown last Friday.

The Highlanders won the district championship unbeaten.

Woodland took two superlatives from defensive third. Senior Mason Vessa was named Defensive Player of the Year in the district while Noah Shepherd was named Goalkeeper of the Year.

Highlanders captain Jason Fanning has been named coach of the year.

The Grand Oaks made it to the playoffs for the first time, largely due to Ramirez Johnson. Junior selected as Offensive Player of the Year in the League.

Conro newcomer Joseph Canals has been named this year’s newcomer.

Woodlands led the way with five first-team selections. Senior players Graham Miller and Jose Miranda, while juniors Gaspar Marcus and Reynoldo Pereira and second-year student Alexander Angelkov received recognition.

Conroy had four senior first-team players, including Carlos Salinas, Rafael Ramirez, Julian Vega and Dulio Correa.

There were also four first-team selections at College Park. The Cavaliers were represented by seniors Gabriel Marquez and Sebastian Vera, as well as juniors Julio de los Reyes and Juan Tibaduisa.

Grand Ox senior Connor Harper, junior Nelson Perez and newcomer Tristan Chapman won the first team honors.

A trio of juniors, including Jacob Webb, Adrian Cruz and Emmanuel Aririel-Njoku, made the Oak Ridge first team.

Willis seniors Jonah Ortigosa and Miguel Granados were also on the first team.

Nathan Boyles, Josh Bull, Jonah Clayton, Max Cody and Diego Diaz were all seniors.

The second team for Conroy is senior Sam Ogunsola, senior Saad El Wasiki, and second-year students Roger Pioquinto and Raymond Pioquinto.

College Park’s Chris Case, Jason Pirir, Isaac Gillary and Alejandro Escobar were the second team.

The second team picks for the Grand Ox were Carson Webb, Max Magsingit and Caesar Tokoronte.

Oak Ridges’ Alan James, Christian Alvarado and Carlos Avila, while Willis’s Israel Mentado and Alexander Velasquez knocked out the second team.


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