Alberta Just Launched A New Registry Where You Can Get The Goss On Your Teacher

Alberta has launched a brand-new online teacher registry and it will show if an educator has had their certification suspended or canceled.

In a release, the Alberta Government said the Teacher and Teacher Leader Registry would increase “transparency and accountability” in schools by showing the professional standing of teachers and school administrators.

It also shows dedication to providing “safe learning environments” for students and teacher professionalism, the government added.

The online searchable registry – which launched on September 1 – will hold information on around 162,000 teachers and school administrators in the province who have been certified since 1954.

The registry can be accessed by any member of the public, including parents and students and it includes information such as the teacher’s name, the type of certificate they hold and whether it’s valid and the date they were certified.

The online tool will also display any disciplinary decisions dating back to 1990 that resulted in a “certificate being suspended or canceled for unprofessional conduct or professional incompetence.”

Adriana LaGrange, Alberta’s minister of education said the registry will balance teachers’ right to privacy and fairness with “the public’s right to know when a teacher has been disciplined” and had their teaching certificate suspended or canceled.

Teachers can request an exemption from the registry and these will be considered on a “case-by-case basis,” the government added.

Similar registries are already in place in provinces including BC, Ontario and Saskatchewan. There are also registries in place for other professions in Alberta like nurses, doctors, lawyers and engineers.

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