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Texas Tech football schedule 2023: Who do the Red Raiders miss on the Big 12 schedule and what are 3 things to know?

Texas Tech Football Schedule 2023: 3 Things To Know

Sept 2 at Wyoming

Sept. 9 Oregon

Sept. 16 Tarleton State

Sept. 23 at West Virginia

Sept. 30 Houston

Oct 7 at Baylor

Oct 14 Kansas State

Oct 21 at BYU


Nov 2 TCU

Nov 11 at Kansas

Nov 18 UCF

Nov 24 at Texas

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Texas Tech Football Schedule What To Know: Who do the Red Raiders miss from the Big 12 slate?

The Red Raiders don’t have to deal with all things Oklahoma.

Missing Oklahoma and Oklahoma State is a huge plus, but there’s no Iowa State on the slate – the Cyclones will be better, but they’re still coming off a bad year. They get three of the Big 12 newbies – BYU, UCF, and Houston – but they don’t have to face Cincinnati.

That leaves a whole bunch of good Big 12 teams to deal with, but …

Texas Tech Football Schedule What Really Matters

Again, not having to play Oklahoma or Oklahoma State is a big deal.

That means TCU and Kansas State – the two teams in the Big 12 Championship last season – are there, but both of them have to come to Lubbock.

Yeah, there are five Big 12 road games, but all things considered they’re not horrible. Going to West Virginia and Kansas is manageable. BYU? That’s a problem going to Provo, and dealing with Baylor and Texas on the road is part of being in the solid conference – you can’t miss everyone.

Texas Tech Football Schedule What To Know: What does it all really mean?

It’s a quirky slate.

For a good team returning with a whole lot of promise, there’s enough to push for a winning season, but it’s going to be a battle each and every week outside of the home game against Tarleton State.

The Red Raiders have to go to Wyoming, but they get Oregon at home. Neither of those will be easy.

There aren’t two road games in a row, and there isn’t the problem of three road games in four dates like some Big 12 teams are dealing with.

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