Anna McCabe uses her creativity and design skills to run her store

Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic has not made us strangers to students to start their own business. Another in the long line of active and creative students is junior vision communications design giant, Anna McCabe.

McCabe launched his sticker store in early 2021. From the start, marketing her business has been a fun challenge. McCabe uses platforms such as Instagram, TechTech and even her own blog to promote her artwork. He likes to design things that he likes in the first place.

“[Designs] It really all starts with the doodles that come down to my head, “McCabe said.” The cow print, I call the same ‘legal form’ sticker, is my favorite design right now.

McCabe shows off her colorful pair, wearing a limestone earring and floral shirt.
Samantha Bailey | Montclair

There are currently three designs for sale on her website, a ‘legalize’ holographic sticker, a ‘legalize it’ matte sticker and a sad clone-cowboy sticker.

Before running her own sticker store, she sold her designs through a third-party site called Red Bubble. Unfortunately, Red Bubble doesn’t give its artists the kits they deserve from every sale.

That’s when McCabe went from being a designer to an entrepreneur.

“Buying and selling through Redbubble, they really take a big chunk of the money that you would really make if you started selling stickers yourself,” McCabe said. “I knew I would make a lot of money if I did it myself.”

Ultimately, McCabe wants to expand his designs, but since he has to buy them on a large scale from his sticker supplier, this is the most financially responsible decision to keep his design limited.

Although there aren’t many designs for sale, she has seen an increase in sales since she opened her store and moved out of the red bubble.

“I feel like it’s a very personal experience when you sell through your website,” McCabe said. “Especially since I have a blog, they can get email updates from me after ordering.”

McCabe scrolls through her website and designs.  Samantha Bailey |  Montclair

McCabe scrolls through her website and designs.
Samantha Bailey | Montclair

Most of its customers are from the state of Montclair. Alyssa Sierra, the great visual communication designer, had a great experience buying McCabe’s favorite sticker.

“I saw it [McCabe] Through [Montclair State’s] The visual communication design department and he is promoting his store on Instagram, “said Sierra.” My experience was great. She was a fast seller with high quality and even personalized it by writing my name on her thank you cards.

A great part of McCabe in conveying her recommendations is her personalized thank-you notes that go into each one.

“Sending recommendations to yourself and writing handmade notes, thanking people for buying from me is really helpful,” McCabe said.

Each package includes a personal thank you note and business card.  Samantha Bailey |  Montclair

Each package includes a personal ‘thank you’ note and a business card.
Samantha Bailey | Montclair

Another customer, Ariana Salmon, head of junior fashion studies, had an equally positive experience buying from McCabe.

“She is OK. She gave me a free sticker,” said Salmon.[McCabe] He is a kind and lowly man [Montclair State]. She has amazing eyes for design and everyone should see her work.

McCabe is not only a talented designer, but he is also a very skilled photographer that you can book for photo shoots. Depending on the type of photo shoot experience you want, you can contact McCabe for your details and pricing.

Her photo shoot is actually what caught Sierra’s attention during her visit via Instagram.

“[McCabe] Is very talented. Her creativity, as seen by her photography and design, is something that everyone should appreciate, ”said Sierra. With colors and experimental refinements that are both fun and beautiful. “

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