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On the front page of the April 9 article, “In Sex Lessons, Right,” see the “event”:

The foolishness of the use of the term “spectacle” should be clear. The behavior of a person is condemned by dirty minds as sexual robbery. When women dress beautifully, do they adorn men for temptations, sexual rejection, and false accusations?

Schools need to prepare students for good citizens. Their only “event” is to teach tolerance to other nations, races, genders, abilities, and sexual orientations. And they “groom” students to write words, do math, and speak French.

Democracy requires that the majority use wisdom and awareness, the qualities that Plato attributed to the noble aristocracy. This involves being vigilant at a time when “simple” becomes “bad”. ” When people talk about ineffective ideas, like “event”.

Angry conservatives can be easily accused of wanting to “groom” children to surprise them. In a democracy, education is a means by which the majority transforms itself into an enlightened aristocracy, which Plato warns us is necessary for survival.

Bill O’TooleArlington

Encouraging children in the first three years of primary school to choose which gender is more comfortable for them seems to me to be a common sense rather than a “spectacle,” as the April 9 article on the front page of Sex Lessons . ‘bring up.’ »

The best example I’ve seen is in the book “Studying in Public” by Courtney E. Martin talks about a woman’s struggle in Auckland, California, over whether her daughter should go to their neighborhood public school. She reports on page 360 ​​that her daughter’s teacher told the first graders that “each of us has to choose which substitute is most comfortable for us and which one is more suitable for our gender.” Several children shared things they already knew. “I read a book about it,” said one girl. “If you’re born a boy but don’t feel like a boy, you can tell people you want to call him‘ her ’. So if you’re a girl. “The other child added,” If you don’t feel like it either, you can leave “them.”

By addressing this issue, children are not forced to conform to adult fears about sex, and they receive a message that regardless of your personal choice, that’s fine.

I think this riot is no different than decades ago when it came to teaching sex education in schools. The difference now is that this is a huge conglomerate of right-wing pandemics by the media and politicians who are fed up with nonsense.

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