Arabesque Project – What do we know about All-Premium Class?

Arabesque is a start-up airline based in the United Arab Emirates that strives to provide luxury airline services globally with the Airbus A320neo family. While the project is currently in its first steps, we thought we would look at it and see who is behind the future luxury airline. Let’s explore further.

A new premium class airline?

There are few premium class airlines in the world. Carriers like La Compagnie offer their best paying customers an all-inclusive experience. Companies other than Four Seasons have launched experience with private aircraft on board Airbus A321LR jets; British Airways used to have a company-wide Airbus A318 serving Heathrow and JFK in New York, but the airline closed the service during the pandemic.

We can now have a new competitor with Arabesque in this exclusive sector. This project is described as “An international boutique-based transport provider that focuses on luxury air services around the world.”

The Arabesque project (which is the working name) will be a world-class airline that will serve recreational destinations around the world with the Airbus A320neo family fleet on long-haul routes, the airline said in a statement this week.

Arabesque works with paulwylde, a brand, innovation, design and communications consulting firm based in San Francisco, USA. paulwylde has previously worked with Hawaiian Airlines to design their first-class and economy cabs. The company has also worked with JetBlue, Air Canada Rouge, Saudi Arabia, British Airways and other aviation-related companies on various projects.

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To understand what Arabesque can bring to its customers, we can take a look at the current La Compagnie product. Photo: The Company.

The entire A320neo family fleet?

Arabesque said it will operate Airbus A320neo aircraft on long-haul routes. If we want to employ a narrow body on long-distance routes, we are immediately thinking about the Airbus A321LR and XLR models, which have a range of between 4,000 and 4,700 nautical miles (7,400 to 8,700 kilometers). Airbus expects to deliver the first A321XLR next year.

The A321XLR is easily accessible from Dubai to distant destinations such as Reykjavik and Cape Town.

However, the Arabesque management did not specify which specific aircraft could be used in the future. Max Nilov, Arabesque’s Chief Strategic Officer, said of the decision to operate narrow-hulled jet vehicles on long-distance routes:

“Reduced seats and lower operating and ownership costs compared to inefficient wide-body aircraft allow us to invest more in customer comfort.”

Infographics A321XLR

The A321XLR boasts many advantages over its Airbus A321neo classmates. Image: Airbus

Who is behind the Arabesque project?

Project Arabesque is a startup that has a long way to go before flights start. The airline has already selected its first operating base, where it will store more than 20 aircraft, and has selected 60 routes that it could operate.

The first base and destinations will be unveiled in the coming weeks, along with the name and brand identity, the company said in a statement.

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Arabesque is currently led by Max Nilov, who serves as Chief Strategic Officer. Mr. Nilov previously served as Regional Director for the Middle East for Boeing, Head of Strategy for Aeroflot and Executive Vice President of Strategy and Development for Rossiya Airlines.

Max Nilov said

“The leisure market, especially the luxury leisure market, has been strong during the pandemic and will be the fastest growing travel segment in the coming years. We are well positioned to bring something new to our segment with our partners. ”

Arabesque is currently looking to fill several vacancies. Among other things, the airline is looking for a commercial director, an operations director and a chief pilot.

Would you be interested in flying on an all-premium airline like Arabesque? Let us know in the comments below.


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