Arlington’s Denker, Elkhorn North’s Cavenaugh broke the same Class B record in one night | High school baseball

The two baseball games may have been 20 miles away, but history has been written at both the Washington County Fair Grounds and Elkhorn North High School.

One way or another, the RBI record dropped in one B-Class game on Tuesday night.

Omaha Skutt’s Ryan Moritz set a previous record of seven RBIs in 2016, but his record will no longer be valid. That same night, Xavier Cavenaugh of Elkhorn North scored a total of eight RBIs in Elkhorn North’s 15-5 victory over Omaha Roncalli, while Trevor Denker of Arlington equaled the entire 10 RBI class during a 19-9 victory over Thurston-Cuming County.

Denker knew he was in the middle of a special game, but only then did he learn about his record-breaking efforts.

“To be honest, I was excited to win,” Denker said. “A lot of people sent me text messages with congratulations and it was great to see all the people who supported me. Breaking the state record was simply exceptional. “

Denker’s big evening began with a duel with two RBIs in the first inning, followed by a two-man home run in the third inning and a pair of triple pairs in the fourth and sixth innings. He even threw a scoreless sixth inning on the hill, with his 10 RBI making the difference in Arlington’s 19-9 win.

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After completing 18 races in the second year, Denker’s season for RBI is already 13.

“I didn’t build so many RBIs last year, but I feel honored to be able to hit four holes again, so I’m glad I came on the clutch last night,” Denker said.

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For Cavenaugh, a strong offensive night was the result of a well-executed game plan. The coaches of Elkhorn North instructed him to try to hit the pitch into the opposite pitch and the result was a pair of pairs and a three for the junior second player.

It was also a successful application of the team’s “Batman mentality” of tirelessness on the plate, which Cavenaugh had tried several games.

After riding in the series in the second game of the Wolves season, Cavenaugh failed to make a basic hit in three consecutive games. He is now among the B-class leaders in the RBI this season.

“It was great because I haven’t gotten a lot of hits since my first game of the season, so I really trusted myself more,” Cavenaugh said.

Strong performances were unexpected for both players, but they will almost never forget Tuesday night. It will be Denker’s name in the record book of all time, but the Arlington junior has made sure to recognize his teammates’ contribution to his record performance.

“As soon as I found out about the record, I wrote a message to the boys and said it was a team award,” Denker said. “I mean, you can’t get an RBI if your teammates don’t play; My name will be on the record, but I think of it as a team award. “

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