Arva intelligence could add value for producers: Learn more at MATE

Arva helps bring together buyers and sellers of carbon credits. Courtesy photo
Arva helps bring together buyers and sellers of carbon credits. Courtesy photo

Arva Intelligence is a Houston based company that focuses on connecting producers to buyers in the ever-growing environmental markets in a way that positively impacts sustainability and carbon impact. The company works to deliver highly verified carbon credits and sustainability solutions to buyers while prioritizing profits for producers.

The company works with producers across all sectors of the ag industry, from southern California to upstate New York and Maine. Across the United States, the company is working with over a million acres within their platform. They believe that agriculture is where profitability and global sustainability meet as a powerful resource to combat carbon impact.

“The most exciting part about this company is we actually talk with local farmers, ranchers, and growers, and we work with them to collect their data to see how they fit into the carbon and sustainability markets. We’re trying to bring added value and actually added money to the farmers pockets, through carbon programs and through sustainability programs with their on-farm practices,” says David Franks, a sales rep for Arva Intelligence who also happens to be a farmer himself. .

Arva Intelligence prioritizes its producers and agriculturalists because they share a vested interest with them.

Arva helps bring together buyers and sellers of carbon credits. Courtesy photo
Arva helps bring together buyers and sellers of carbon credits. Courtesy photo

“One of our mottos is we put growers first. Pretty much everybody that works on the outside for our company are all farmers ourselves. Myself, our sales director, our CEO, COO, we are all farmers of some sort. We do everything from raising cattle to growing row crops. And so we are a grower-first company, by all means. We can relate to the producers’ feelings and thoughts about just about everything because we have the same ones they do,” explains Franks.

For producers interested in working with Arva Intelligence, getting started is pretty simple. The company starts with the data producers already have to show what potential their fields have to earn extra revenue through either a carbon or sustainability program.

“We take a unique whole-farm approach. From agronomic tools to carbon markets to USDA incentives, we provide options for producers and help match that farmer and that field to the best and which field fits best in which program,” says Franks.

Within the carbon and sustainability programs, contracts can vary from one year, all the way up to five years. Contracts are broken down to pay by the price per acre for sustainable practices that the producers are either already doing, or in the process of implementing.

“Our goal is to get money back in the farmers pockets,” says Franks. “Producers have been happy with everything and getting a little extra money in their pocket.”

For producers in the Billings, Montana area, you can find Arva Intelligence at the MATE Trade Show at the Metra Park February 16-18, or you can find more information online at

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