At the FuelAL Talent Conference on April 20-21, Dr. Stillman College President Dr. Listen from the sidelines.

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At the Fuel Talent Conference on Thursday, April 21st, Dr. Stillman College President Dr. Cynthia Warrick will speak. (Stillman College)

On April 20 and 21, about 200 entrepreneurs, business leaders, educators and others will travel to Birmingham to attend FuelAL, Alabama’s first Future Focused Talent Conference. To find out more about what to expect, we’re talking to Dr. Stillman, president of College and panelist at FuelAL. Cynthia spoke to Warrick.

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About the FuelAL Talent Conference

Cynthia Warrick
Dr. Cynthia Warrick recently signed an agreement between Stillman College and the University of Alabama, which will give Stillman students a new path to graduate programs in the UAE. (Stillman College)

To learn more about the FuelAL Talent Conference, we called on Dr. Stillman, President of Stillman College and Feature Speaker at FuelAL. Cynthia saw Warrick. At the conference, Drs. Warrick serves on the panel on College Career Connectors and highlights how he uses his experience in college administration to help students find better career paths, as well as how they work with employers to connect students to new opportunities.

As the College Administrator, Dr. Warrick has seen firsthand the challenges of retaining recent graduates in the state. Although the majority of Stillman College students are Alabama residents, many of them are from rural communities and do not have many opportunities in their homeland. To counter these challenges, Stillman College has developed initiatives to encourage graduates to stay in the state.

“Recently, Stillman College has added Teacher Education Minor to most of our degree programs. Our goal is to give graduates the option to stay here in Alabama and teach as their first job outside of college. Currently, many school districts are offering sign-on bonuses to new teachers, and graduates will receive a loan map if they teach at Title One schools.

Dr. Cynthia Warrick, President of Stillman College;

At FuelAL, Drs. Wari and others will share ways to encourage recent graduates to stay in the state. Through conference panels and workshops, participants will learn about proven recruitment benefit incentive packages, community communication plans, job-based learning, and more incentives that encourage young workers to stay in the state after graduation.

“I think we need to be very deliberate about creating more knowledge-based jobs in Alabama. We need to create opportunities for our college graduates to develop their skills in knowledge-based jobs and to develop some of the traditional jobs we see. Alabama has been at the forefront of innovation recently, so I see no reason why we should not excel at providing more knowledge-based employment.

One thing we learned from this epidemic is that many people do not want to go back to their old jobs, especially young people. FuelAL is a statewide conference, so we’ll talk about opportunities across the state — not just Birmingham and Huntsville.

Dr. Cynthia Warrick, President of Stillman College;

Learn about new opportunities in Alabama at the FuelAL Talent Conference on April 20th

“Ultimately, economic development is fueled by talent from local universities – you can not have economic development without that ability. Alabama colleges and universities are doing a great job of preparing graduates for the ever-changing workforce, so we have a role to play in educating these minds about all the opportunities our state has to offer. We want people to stay away from FuelAL with new ways in which people can grow professionally and new ideas that can take them back to teams to improve their workspace.

Dr. Cynthia Warrick, President of Stillman College;

The FuelAL Talent Conference will take place over two days at two venues in Birmingham.

  • Wednesday, April 20 – Inaugural reception at EDPA Headquarters (Birmingham)
  • Thursday, April 21 – Talent Conference at the Valley Hotel (Homewood)

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