Auburn’s Tiger Trail enters the class in 2022

AUBURN, Ala. – Visitors to Auburn will soon see the names of eight Auburn greats on the sidewalk in the city center, the newest members of the Tiger Trail.

Auburn Athletics and the Auburn Chamber of Commerce were listed Emily CarosoneKirsty Coventry, Marquis DanielsJimmy Dozier, Chip Spratlin, Stan White, Joe Whitt and Greg Williams on Friday at a ceremony at the Neville Arena.

Daniels, Auburn’s men’s basketball development director, had the shortest trip to work, and his office was about 10 quick breaks away.

“Almost Surrealistic”: Auburn director of men’s basketball player development Marquis Daniels

“Being an Auburn man really speaks for itself,” said Daniels, who played 10 NBA seasons after playing for the Tigers in 2000-03. “It’s almost surreal. You have to be here to know what it means to be an Auburn man. He chases you everywhere you go.”

In 2002-04, Coventry led the Auburn Women’s Swimming and Diving Program at three national championships and won seven Olympic medals, including two gold medals.

“Thank you so much for giving me such an honor,” Coventry said. “Auburn has been a huge part of my career and my life and I am so grateful to so many people for giving me this opportunity.”

Carosone, a leader in Auburn’s softball career in scoring, scoring and raids, played for the Tigers in 2013-16 and then returned to her alma mater to serve as an assistant coach.

“I wore Auburn across my chest with pride every day, just like many others before me,” Carosone said in a video he couldn’t attend because the Tigers are playing this weekend in Arkansas. “Thank you, Auburn, for choosing me, from the very beginning of my recruitment process until now. You will always have a very special place in my heart.”

Coach Greg Williams, 1996-present talks about building an equestrian program.  The Auburn Tiger Trail program on Friday.  April 8, 2022 in Auburn, Ala.  Todd Van Emst / AU Athletics
‘It won’t get any better’: Auburn riding coach Greg Williams

Williams, coach of Auburn’s equestrian program since its inception in 1996, has led the Tigers to six national championships and five SEC championships, including the last four.

“I grew up in Auburn and I’m excited for this city,” Williams said. “It’s the people who do it, the Auburn family. Some of our best recruits are when our recruits walk around the city center or at a hotel where they meet the people of Auburn. That’s what makes us special so that we can they were honored. better. “

Spratlin won the NCAA Golf Individual Championships in 1995 when he crossed a field that included Stanford freshman Tiger Woods.

“I come from the Auburn family,” said Spratlin, the only golfer in the program’s history to win a national title. “For me, it was possible to come to Auburn as a dream come true. It was dream number one. Playing golf in Auburn was a dream number two. Being honored by something like that means a lot.”

Like the Spratlin, the Dozier became a pilot after his time in Auburn in 1958-62. In 1961, the Tigers helped win the first Auburn Championships in athletics.

Whitt trained at Auburn for 25 seasons under Pat Dye, Terry Bowden and Tommy Tuberville and then moved on to a development role in Tigers Unlimited.

“Such a great thing,” Whitt said. “There are so many people on that Road, and I knew what they meant to Auburn. Joining them is amazing. It’s one of the greatest honors I’ve ever received.”

Auburn’s 1990-93 quarterback, White, played a record 45 games in a row, leading the Tigers to a 11-0 season as a senior. In 2001, he joined the Auburn Sports Network as an analyst, broadcasting 270 consecutive matches.

“It’s hard to say in one reference the impact Auburn has had on my life over the past 33 years,” White said. I am incredibly humble and honored by this recognition in the Tiger Footprint. “

Tiger Trail, founded in 1995, recognizes legendary Auburn students-athletes, coaches and plaque managers with their names on the sidewalks in the city center.

In the introductory class were Bo Jackson, Chuck Person, Vickie Orr, Jeff Beard, Jimmy Hitchcock, Harvey Glance, Rowdy Gaines, Ralph “Shug” Jordan, John Mengelt, Travis Tidwell, Pat Sullivan, Zeke Smith and Tucker Frederickson.

The 2022 class represents the first Tiger Trail participants since 2018, bringing the total number of members to 132.

Coach Joe Whitt, SR., Football / administration 1981-2014, speaks on Friday about 40 years in the Athletic Dept.Auburn Tiger Trail program.  April 8, 2022 in Auburn, Ala.  Todd Van Emst / AU Athletics
“One of the Biggest Awards”: Former Assistant Football Coach Auburn Joe Whitt

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