MSU College of Medicine collaborates with FIA to create “The Art of Observation” workshop to assist in the treatment of patients

Flint, MI – Each patient serving in the healthcare field is unique in their own background, personal experiences and ideas. As society evolves and changes, health care providers are challenging themselves to find better and more insightful ways to care for the wider range of patients found in the medical field. Nij Patel is a … Read more

Determining excellence in online learning

In today’s fast-paced workplace, an increasing number of roles and responsibilities are intertwined with legal issues. In response to this change, higher education has also evolved, and the Gulf School of Law at USC is at the forefront of meeting these needs.In 2016, USC Gould, which ranks among the top law schools across the country, … Read more

Nothing dangerous was found on the ceiling of the Moscow Heights School, which partially collapsed

MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, Mich. (WOOD) – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School in Muscagon Heights was virtual on Monday when state security officials examined the building’s condition more than a year after the ceiling partially collapsed. “In 2021, January or February, when we were virtual, the ceiling in the auditorium did give way; part of … Read more

Tinsley Learning Center offers rebranding initiatives for students – The Lion’s Roar

Over the past few years, the Tinsley Learning Center has been rebranding and changing the face of tutoring. These changes range from the 2020 update to the recently introduced training programs. According to Assistant Principal Marie Bernard, “For many students, tutoring has a negative connotation. For some people this is not the case and it … Read more

A local high school car fired at during a highway shooting

MADISON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WJW) – Coaches, along with middle school wrestler Hunter Hutchson, were driving Friday morning to the Schottenstein Center in Columbus for the high school wrestling championships when their school pickup truck was suddenly on the target of a gunman on the beach. Open lanes of the highway 71. Police identified the gunman … Read more

Israeli-made autonomous helicopters gather intelligence for multiple clients

(March 14, 2022 / JNS) Autonomous helicopters manufactured by the Steadicopter Company in Israel are gathering intelligence for multiple clients. The company, which recently unveiled a new type of unmanned helicopter, is increasing the demand for systems that incorporate sensor combinations. Many clients who have ordered Steadicopter’s unmanned aerial systems are looking for Intelligence, Intelligence, … Read more

Can we learn from the suffering of Ukraine?

The gruesome scenes from Ukraine, the senseless brutality and suffering on our television screens and social media 24/7 provoked the international community (with some notable exceptions, of course). Will we rediscover that “never again” decision that was collected by a tired society after World War II about 70 years ago? It is reasonable to recall … Read more