‘Bannerman’ Spy Book Series In The Works At AMC

AMC Networks has acquired the rights to the Bannerman spy book series written by bestselling author John Maxim. The novels, which consist of five titles, are being eyed as a potential television series by Shane Black (Lethal Weapon, Ironman), Greg Nicotero (The Walking Dead, Creepshow) and Brian Witten (Creepshow, Friday the 13th). Jeffrey Maxim is also attached as a consulting producer.

The book titles are The Bannerman Solution, The Bannerman Effect, Bannerman’s Law, Bannerman’s Promise and Bannerman’s Ghosts.

β€œI read this entire series years ago and found the contrasting worlds of these dark and tortured souls desperate to live normal lives quite compelling,” said Greg Nicotero in a statement. β€œTo partner with Shane on this, who shares the same passion that I do for the books, takes this project to a whole other level.”

In the book series, Bannerman is the leader of a deadly group of CIA Agents opening in Europe. In the first title, The Bannerman Solutionwhich was published in 1989, he is lured to Westport, Connecticut by his superiors, who plot his termination, but Bannerman has other plans that soon involve a journalist and her father, a retired cop.

By the last title, Bannerman Ghostswhich was published in 2003, an act of vengeance by a man long though dead puts Bannerman and a group of his deadliest operatives into action.

No specific plot details of the potential TV series have been announced.


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