‘Be part of something special, man’: Class 2023 QB Brayden Dorman recruiting more to UA | Arizona Wildcats football

Arizona’s annual spring football game focuses on two things: past and future.

Former players who have been involved in decades and generations of UA football are returning to their old places for the graduates’ weekend and remembering the good old days. And recruitment prospects are filling the edge.

One of these recruits was the four-star 2023 defender Brayden Dorman, a 6-foot-4-inch, 206-pound top Colorado Springs player who joined the Wildcats in February. He is the third member of a recruiting class in Arizona in 2023, along with Texas security manager Moses Moses and the Los Angeles area security system Justin Johnson.

The 247Sports.com scouting service rates Dorman as the 13th quarterback in the 2023 class. He is also ranked as the top prospect in the state of Colorado.

In three seasons at Vista Ridge High School, Dorman threw 6502 yards, 67 touchdowns and 28 interventions. He chose Arizona over scholarships from Mississippi, Wisconsin, Cal, Colorado, Louisiana Tech, Colorado State and Oregon State.

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Dorman spoke with Justin Spears of Star’s ESPN Tucson “Spears and Ali” about his Wildcats allegiance, his relationship with coach Jeddish Fisch, and recruiting more players to Tucson.

What do you remember from your first visit?

A: “It simply came to our notice then. It felt like home. It was just a personal feeling you won’t experience anywhere else and you know it’s home. Sitting down with coach Fisch and coach (Jimmy) Dougherty and seeing everything else was a big deal. That was the reason for my decision. “

What was the deciding factor in your decision to choose Wildcats?

A: “Let’s go back to the feeling of home, it was a big part of it. But the NFL experience in Arizona, there aren’t many schools that can say they have the same NFL experience that Arizona has right now. It will prepare everyone who comes to Arizona and take him to the next level, and these are my goals for the future. That’s a big part of what was part of my decision. “

How would you describe your relationship with Fisch?

A: “It’s great. He always beats my mom and dad and makes sure everything’s fine, especially me. He knows about it and he’s a great guy to talk to, whether on or off the court. It’s a guy you can build a relationship with and we already have a great relationship. ”

Why did Fisch become the head coach you want to mentor you in college?

A: “Since he’s been in the NFL for a long time, he has a certain way of training and will push you. He’ll get the best out of you and that’s exactly what I want. I want someone to put a hard pressure on me, and that’s exactly what you get. It’s a huge thing for my family and me. “

How would you describe the way you play the quarterback?

A: “I’m a really professional quarterback.” I sit in my pocket and feel like I can take any throw. I’m working on my mobility so I can take off and play with my feet. I’m all pro-style all around. ”

Who is the quarterback after which you imitate your game?

A: “I’m something like Josh Allen.” I follow a lot of his stuff and learn a lot from what he does. That’s kind of my guy. “

How do your skills match Fisch’s attack given the presumed top three quarterbacks in the 2022 – ladies Jayden de Laura, Jordan McCloud and Noah Fifita – are they compact, mobile quarterbacks?

A: “The boys he definitely has now are definitely more mobile. I’m not saying I can take off and run, but I can play with my feet. What separates me from the others is that I can sit there and take every roll and break down the defenses. I’ll make a game on my feet when I need to. Eventually, I’ll keep my eyes up and allow our receivers to play. “

When did communication with the UA begin?

A: “It was a little late last summer. They have kept in great contact with me since they offered me. I got a bunch of handwritten letters from the entire staff. Coach Fisch even wrote a huge handwritten letter to my family. Thanks to these things, it was personal for me. When a guy does that and keeps you so busy, you focus your time on him. I decided to go on a visit and right after the visit I knew that I wanted to go there. “

Although Arizona is expected to improve this season, the Wildcats still continue in the 1-11 season. What made Arizona attractive as a highly rated quarterback with offers in established programs? A: “It’s really just an opportunity to be a part of something special. A lot of guys and recruits actually ride the wave where they know they can win a championship or be part of something that’s already good. It’s not me for me. It’s about building a program and watching the program change from a not very good team to a really good one, and that’s what I’m after. ”

Do you know any members of the current team?

A: “Yes, I know many of them and I was in contact with a few, they approached me and congratulated me on my commitment. In addition, I really tried to recruit others to come with me. “

What is your reference for other potential recruiters in 2023 who have bids from the UA?

A: “I tell them: Be part of something special, man. If you have the opportunity to build a program in front of you, make history and be part of something special – you already know who your quarterback will be, who your coaches will be, a great bunch of guys. All you have to do is make a decision and be part of this great thing that is happening. ”

When you think of football in Arizona, what comes to mind?

Answer: “Definitely Rob Gronkowski. I don’t remember the name of the quarterback – “

A: “Yes! Seeing boys who go through the program and being part of such a program, especially with great coaches I know I have, is definitely a good thing. ”

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