Bentincore should add more creativity to Tottenham midfield

Rodrigo told Bentincourt to add more creativity to Tottenham Hotspur midfield.

Former Tottenham Hotspur defender Michael Dawson has called on Rodrigo Bentincore to add more creativity from midfield to help the team move forward. Dawson, who played for the Spurs as a center-back between 2005 and 2014, was widely criticized by the midfielder for his performance against Manchester United.

Tottenham lost 3–2 to Main United at Old Trafford overnight as they failed to take control of the game despite reaching a two-point draw. The audience had a lot of property, but they couldn’t make much profit. Bentancur was one of the criminals who was not advanced enough to break the opposition’s defensive line for his team.

In an interview with Sky Sport (h / t The Mirror), Dawson suggested that Bentincore should be more creative, especially when playing with Perry Emile Hodgberg. The former defender added that the midfielder could not always be protected by his passing as it would not help them create enough chances to threaten opponents.

Rodrigo Bentincore said to take more risks with the ball. (Photo by Michael Reagan / Getty Images)

“Bentincore, you have to be very creative. You play with two holder midfielders, especially if it’s Hodgsburg, they have to build more. Bentincore, he has to give the team more to move forward, he can’t.” Can be so safe.

Room for progress

The 24-year-old struggled to dominate the Red Devils in the first half. The central midfielder did well in the last 45 minutes of the game, but he has to be very consistent, especially when faced with a high side like Manchester Club. It is hoped that this constructive critique will be successful in the future.

It is understandable if Uruguayans are still cautious about their surroundings and limit themselves so as not to make any mistakes in the new club. However, as soon as he gets out of that shape, it will be good for himself and the team as well. He needs to be as dynamic with his game as he was for Juventus and his national team.

Rodrigo Bentancur was not always his favorite for the Spurs.  (Photo by Getty Images via NIGEL RODDIS / AFP)
Rodrigo Bentancur was not always his favorite for the Spurs. (Photo by Getty Images via NIGEL RODDIS / AFP)

He paid 20m to secure his signature Expressive, The Tottenham midfielder must live up to the fees we have spent even if conditions are not right to help with his case. These are still early days, and we shouldn’t be too hard on him, even if Dejan’s Clovis has been on the ground since the January move. Not every player follows the same path, so we have to give Bentincourt the benefit of the doubt.

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We have a lot of important games in the remaining months as we try to reach the top four in the Premier League. Reaching the top of the Bentincore will undoubtedly help us in our hopes of qualifying for next season’s Champions League. He must meet the challenges that await him in order to ensure that he succeeds with us in the future.

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