Best and worst SAT scores in NJ after pandemic “learning loss”

According to school report sheets released by the state this week, the pandemic has damaged college assessment tests taken by high school students in New Jersey.

The data in the report show that approximately 60% fewer students received a PSAT, 35% less a SAT, 40% less a special education assessment, and 30% less a grade for English language learners.

Among those who passed the exams, success was high. The combined average score on the PSAT rose from 949 in 2019-20 to 1020 in 2020-21, and it rose in the SAT from 1072 to 1117. The average ACT score was high in math, reading, and science, and was high in English.

It is likely that higher average scores may reflect the fact that students typically passed the most loyal exams.

“Most of the impacts are a reduction in overall participation, and some regions are seeing more impact than others,” said Assistant Education Commissioner Kathy Ehling.

Average SAT scores for all NJ high schools, 2020-21

The average SAT scores for the 2020-2021 academic year are listed by county from highest to lowest. Data include combined scores, as well as average scores in math and reading / writing.

The participation rate shows the proportion of 12th graders in Class 2021 who took the SAT in 2020-21 or in previous years.

Secondary schools are not on the list if there is no information available or the number of participating students is low enough that average scores have not been publicly reported to protect student privacy.

Reports for the state, each district, and each public school can be found on the Department of Education website or through

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