Best class for Yunaka in Fire Emblem Engage

Yunaka is a recruitable character in Fire Emblem Engage who joins the party automatically in Chapter 6: The Stolen Ring. She makes a good impression right out of the gate, starting off as a Thief who falls in the Covert Unit category, but her stat growth makes her suitable for multiple classes.

Her Speed ​​stat grows at an accelerated rate of 45 percent, while Dexterity isn’t far off at 40 percent. But while this opens up multiple doors as far as class choice goes, which one is best?

We’ve narrowed it down to three.

What is the best class for Yunaka in Fire Emblem Engage?

The best class for Yunaka is Swordmaster. It can be unlocked by using a Master Seal on her once she hits level 10 and ties into her stats perfectly. It also has a number of skills that pair well with her, including Dexterity +5, Lunar Brace+, and Perceptive+. Moreover, using a weapon with a high critical hit percentage like Peshkatz can turn her into an absolute beast.

But while that’s the best class for her, it’s not the only one. There are two other good options—Wolf Knight, which can also be unlocked using a Master Seal, or keeping her as a Thief since it’s one of the most powerful classes in the game.

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If you do decide to keep her as a Thief, use a Silver Dagger, which can be acquired relatively early, and use Dawn Engrave at the Blacksmith for 400 Bond Fragments to add +40 Avoid and +20 Dodge at the expense of a bit of. weapon strength.

It’s a game-changer that makes her capable of plowing through countless foes.

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