Building intelligence connectors and assemblies to enable future-proof IoT design

06-10-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Industrial

Mouser provides a wide-ranging selection of connectors and assemblies from Phoenix Contact, perfect for building intelligence applications. Created for full integration with its Emalytics framework for smart building digital infrastructures, these building intelligence connectors and assemblies support extensive cross-trade and cross-sector data integration for IoT systems. These connectors and cable assemblies are update- and upgrade-capable, providing a futureproof solution for ambitious, intelligent building projects.

These connectors and assemblies provide several bus and network protocols standardized into a uniform data object, including KNX, BACnet, Modbus, and M-bus. The devices’ extensive networking and communications abilities streamline the building design process, helping building automation strategies’ rapid and seamless development. The industrial-quality components provide simple integration in new and existing buildings, enabling any building to benefit from automation and IoT technology. By allowing all technical systems to exchange information, the connectors and cable assemblies support cost optimization and sustainable reduction of CO2 emissions.

The platform offers a comprehensive framework for building automation, management, and data analysis. The platform supports various applications for building, energy, and area management, including support for third-party services such as facilities management, EV charging, and indoor navigation.

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