Campus France welcomes students from the world in all French regions.

Campus France welcomes students from the world in all French regions.

Campus France teams in all French regions take action to organize and participate in events to welcome international students.

Since the beginning of the academic year, Campus France’s regional delegations organize and participate in welcome and integration events of international students: Nuits des étudiants du mondecocktail reception parties for scholarship holders, and more.

La Nuit des Etudiants du Monde in Toulouse

This year again, the Campus France Office in Toulouse joined the organization of the Nuit des Etudiants du Monde (World Students Celebration) held on 18 October 2022.

The party started in the City Hall, in the beautiful Salle des Illustres, where Campus France joined city representatives and various partners (the Federal University of Toulouse, the Erasmus Student Network) The event continued with a buffet offered by the city hall, then a tombola organized by Campus France to win a weekend in Paris. Then international students went to Connexion live, a hype place in Toulouse where they sang karaoke, danced on music played by a DJ and played games all night.

Nuit des étudiants du monde à Toulouse

This year, then event attracted 210 students in the City Hall and 550 at Connexion Live.

Cocktail reception in Bordeaux and Toulouse

Campus France teams in Toulouse also gathered recently-arrived scholarship holders for a friendly cocktail reception party. On October 6 in Bordeaux, a bit more than 40 students attended the event, and on 11 October it was the turn of students in Toulouse, with about 50 participants. The program included: administration processes info, Q&A sessions and friendly times with a cocktail reception. And in Bordeaux, there was a tombola to win a weekend in Paris!

Pot d'accueil des boursiers internationaux à Bordeaux

La Nuit des Etudiants du Monde in Strasburg and Besancon

On 10 November, over 6,000 students of more than 90 nationalities answered the invitation from the City Eurometropolis of Strasburg, the CROUS, the university, Campus France and ESN for the 6th edition of the Nuit des Etudiants du Monde (World Students Celebration). During this awesome night, every stakeholder had the pleasure to organize friendly times for participants.

Nuit des étudiants a Strasbourg 2022

On 1st October in Besançon, over 350 students participated in a festive and shiny night organized by ESN in collaboration with the University of Franche-Comté, the CROUS Burgundy – Franche-Comté, the City of Besançon/Great Besançon and Campus France.

Campus France is planning additional events in other regions to facilitate the integration of international students in collaboration with university and institutional partners, and student associations.

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