Can Foreign Students Stay in KYK Dormitories? » Expat Guide Turkey

As you know, every year thousands of foreign students from different countries of the world prefer state universities in Turkey for their undergraduate and graduate education. Foreign students, with a valid student residence permit, can stay in Turkey legally and benefit from various public services during their education period. Student dormitories, known as KYK dormitories, provide accommodation services to hundreds of thousands of students in 81 provinces of Turkey. Foreigners who have an ID number starting with 99 and a student residence permit in Turkey can stay in KYK dormitories legally. For this, they must follow the KYK application announcements of the university they are students with together with their ID numbers and complete their applications within the specified time. During the application, student residence permit, student certificate, etc. The necessary documents must be followed on the official website of the Kredi ve Yurtları Kurumu and provided completely. In addition, foreigners must have an E-Government password during the application process. You can find details about foreigners getting e-government password in our related article.

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