Casey Stoner praises Yamaha: ‘They could learn from them, it’s not just «pouring» aerodynamics and electronics on the bike’.

After criticizing in general the direction that the manufacturers have followed in MotoGP, especially with regard to electronic aids, Casey Stoner left wide praise for Yamaha and even gave the japanese giant as an example to follow in the category, hoping that the rest of the manufacturers could take their results in, and learning with the team of world champion Fabio Quartarararo.

‘All these wing stuff, all the electronics, all these little things, all these band aid they put on the bike, they don’t fix the essentials: look at Yamaha, it’s never been known for having a big engine, fast at least and Ducati has a powerful one, it’s fast but not as fast [the Yamaha] as the others and that’s because they’re not diving as deep into this field of electronics and are still winning championships’, the former two-time MotoGP champion told – once with the Ducati and another with Honda – on the In the Fast Lane podcast.

For the australian, the other manufacturers should really follow some of the work that Yamaha does, and that has a work base on a more «purist» side:

– Why don’t other companies learn from this? There is more to it than electronics and just «pouring» aerodynamics or electronics to the bike in the hope that it will help.


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