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2022 April 01

Automated grocery stores have been slowly but surely emerging around the world since the launch of Amazon Go. Along with some other technologically-enhanced diet solutions for students, a checkout-free concept is now on its way to college campuses.

School Food Service Provider Sodexo Announced Autonomous grocery stores will open on college campuses nationwide from this spring. Eat the grocery idea> now called, the first one will open on April 6 on the campus of the University of Denver.

Sodexo also offers high-tech touchscreen meal vending machines that offer 80 choices, including RAM and Yudon. Finally, Vendor introduces three delivery-only virtual restaurant ideas for universities for dome room delivery.

AiFi, a vendor partner of Sodexo, is developing a turnkey solution to enforce autonomous grocery stores, allowing retailers to launch fully checkout-free stores similar to Amazon Go. TechCrunch. The solution depends on artificial intelligence and computer vision.

Earlier this year, Aldi partnered with AiFi in the UK to launch their first checkout-free location in London. Retail Technology Innovation Hub.

While Just Walkout technology and other gradations of cashier checkout are not entirely mainstream, they can gain steam in the grocery store. recently opened its second wholesale food store, equipped with Just Walk Out technology. Make the Blue Book.

Colleges are also becoming a popular destination for other types of automated and robotic retail technologies.

For example, although rolling delivery robots are in use on college campuses across the US, outside the college environment, municipalities are reacting mixedly to such robots due to public safety concerns, and college campuses represent a more controlled environment in which robots can roam. .

Last month, the University of Tennessee added to its list of schools deploying rolling drones to distribute food on its sidewalks. News report. The vehicles are manufactured by Starship Technologies.

In 2019, Starship Technologies operated on 20 college campuses in 15 states. The Verge It was reported that it was being expanded to four new schools.

Discussion Questions: Do you expect the response to autonomous grocers on campus to be different from that of the general market? How valuable are campuses to testing centers when considering public-use technology?


“College shoppers do not reflect the average shopper outside the controlled college campus environment, but it’s a great way to experiment with technology and concept.”


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