Casterton College Rutland considers cutting its pupil numbers

A secondary school is looking to reduce the number of new pupils it takes on each year.

Casterton College Rutland is consulting on a plan to reduce the number of 11-year-olds joining the school from 210 to 180.

The decision would affect children who are currently in Year 5 and due to start secondary school in September 2024.

Casterton College Rutland. Photo: Google

Principal Carl Smith is considering the move due to a lack of space.

He said: “As things stand we are very full and our building simply cannot absorb any more students.

“An application was made with a request for funding to expand the building and because that was turned down, we find ourselves with no option but to reduce admissions even though the demand for more places is clearly there.

Carl Smith
Carl Smith

“Casterton is a very popular school and places are at a premium, but we are more than full so we felt we had no alternative.”

Last month it was announced that the school will receive a slice of money from the government’s £1.8 billion School Rebuilding Programme, but the details are still unknown.

Mr Smith added: “We are one of only a small number of schools nationally to be prioritized under the school rebuilding programme.

“This is wonderful news for us, though as yet we have no further details and therefore are in no position to know when this will be.

“We have to think about the present as well as the future, so are continuing with the consultation as planned.

“We have run an operational published admission number of 180 this academic year to support the quality of teaching and learning and allow us to use educational resources efficiently.”

The consultation runs until Sunday (January 15) before the school governors make a final decision.

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