‘Castle’ HSTs to be withdrawn by Great Western Railway

‘Castle’ HSTs to be withdrawn by Great Western Railway

Great Western Railway is to phase out its 2+4 HST ‘Castle Class’ trains.

The full-length HSTs were replaced by Hitachi IETs, but were converted to a 2+4 (2 powercars and 4 coaches) set to run on the Cardiff to Penzance route.

Great Western Railway says that the Castles were a temporary measure for the route.

A GWR spokesperson also said that the fleet’s running costs and high carbon emissions mean that the fleet needs to be replaced with more modern trains for passengers.

A spokesperson said “While our Castle Class trains have served customers well, they are by far the oldest trains in our fleet, and will have been in service on the network in various forms for some 47 years. As a result, the fleet is particularly costly to run, with a high carbon emissions footprint compared to other trains on our network.

“The Castles were always designed to be a temporary measure on the Cardiff to Penzance route. We expect to replace the Castle Class trains on a phased basis over the next couple of years, bringing customers the benefit of more modern trains that will reduce both cost and carbon emissions across the route.”

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