‘Russia is paying a high price for every advance’: MoD says in public intelligence briefing

Russia is paying a ‘high price’ for every advance made in Ukraine, according to a Defense Intelligence update from the Ministry of Defense. The MoD is issuing daily intelligence briefings to the public to counter the Kremlin misinformation about the attack in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin’s invasion plan was thwarted by determined opposition by the Ukrainian … Read more

Copyright Office Ruling Reveals Artificial Intelligence and NFT Issues – Intellectual Property

To print this article, you must register or log in to Mondaq.com. At what point, if any, is Artificial Intelligence “human?” Who is responsible for the art created by technology? Whose art is primarily created by computers? The U.S. Copyright Office has addressed these questions in its latest judgment on Artificial Intelligence, which affects art … Read more

Actual check: 5 times official Russian statements contradict intelligence and ground actions

Following a recent attack on a hospital in Mariupol, a key city in southern Ukraine, Russian authorities have repeatedly changed their story. First, they claimed that Russia was not attacking civilian targets, but later claimed that it was a false flag operation carried out by Ukrainian rebels, but that they were not responsible. Here are … Read more

AI-LATAM announces stellar speaker lineup for Panama Artificial Intelligence Hybrid Event

AI-LATAM is a hybrid event held in Panama on March 23-26. AI-lat speakers AI-LATAM is the largest tech event series in Latin America with performances in Panama, the Dominican Republic and Miami. Speakers include the Panama Ministry of Commerce, SimpleLearn, SalesMaster AI, Microsoft, IBM, Oliver Wyman, Five9, GE Healthcare, Sanfer Pharma, H20.ai, Cantor, Texas State … Read more

Moonfall: 9 Best Characters, Ranked by Intelligence

Roland Emmerich latest film Moon Fall, Although not as critically or commercially successful as most people expected, delivers all the scenes and devastation promised in the trailers. Throughout the disaster film, the main cast is put to the test as they try to survive an extinction-level event. Related: 10 Movies And Shows Where You Have … Read more

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of War

Consider an alternative history to the war in Ukraine. Fearless Ukrainian Army units began an effort to select Russian supply convoys. But without relying on sporadic wind cover, Russian convoys travel under the blanket of cheap drones. Armored drones have relatively simple artificial intelligence (AI) that can detect human forms and target them with missiles. … Read more

Prior to training soldiers at Fort Holobird Army Intelligence, it held German prisoners of war.

– Robert Linden, Washington Of the more than 425,000 Axis prisoners sent to the United States during World War II – Germans, mostly, but some Italians and Japanese – about 13,000 arrived in Maryland. They were housed in 19 prisoner war camps. (There are also POW camps in Virginia.) The story continues below the statement … Read more

Pretty little thing (super) led to controversy with official intelligence

Isabelle Kennedy-Grimes Pretty Little Thing (PLT), an online clothing brand, has been embroiled in a lot of controversy recently. CEO Molly May’s innocent arguments about equal opportunities. The company has Now creating an animated female look called their ‘Virtual Girl’ has led to further discussion Want to model their outfits in the future. Have customers … Read more

Measuring intelligence: Things to think about

Intelligence is considered to be the most powerful tool in assessing a person’s personality at different levels. The definition is the same whether it takes the form of social, cultural, religious, general or sporting scope. There are many meanings but it is embedded in a person’s DNA. The litmus test, which tests the true essence … Read more