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Every October, Salve Regina’s Office of Information Technology is a champion of National Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month across campus. The University continues to participate in a growing global effort to promote online safety awareness with the theme: “See Yourself in Cyber.”

National Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month is a collaboration between government and private organizations to raise awareness about digital security and empower everyone to protect their personal data from digital forms of crime. The month is dedicated to creating resources and communications for organizations to talk to their students and employees about staying safe online.

Throughout the month of October, Salve Regina’s Office of Information Technology will be highlighting a number of cybersecurity topics with the University community.

Start with the basics

Every individual should own their role in protecting their information and securing their systems and
devices. Before anyone uses the Internet, take time to understand the risks and how to identify potential problems. Check out this cyber security basics guide that highlights the steps anyone can take to keep their information safe.

Cyber ​​security awareness events

Virtual Cyber ​​Security Escape Rooms

Salve Regina will be partnering with Living Security to host Virtual Cyber ​​Security Escape Rooms during the month of October, which are open to all current students, faculty and staff. Participants that complete the escape room in teams of four are entered into a raffle for prizes. More details on how to participate are located here on Campus @ Salve.

Cybersecurity newsletter

Through our partnership with KnowBe4, Salve Regina faculty and staff will continue to receive two newsletters weekly in their e-mail: Security Tips and Scam of the Week. Both will highlight cybersecurity best practices, along with current trends to be on the lookout for. If someone is not receiving this email, please contact the Salve Regina Technology Services Center at [email protected]

Cybersecurity training opportunities for faculty and staff

Required data security training has been made available for all faculty and staff. Optional, in-depth cybersecurity training is also available on topics touched upon in the required training videos. Salve Regina’s community can participate at their own pace to expand their knowledge and awareness on a number of cybersecurity topics. Faculty and staff members that successfully complete all of the available required and optional data security awareness training modules by Friday, Dec. 9, will be eligible to be entered into a raffle for three Amazon gift cards.

Connect with Care

Avoid phishing attempts

Phishing Scams: Don't Get Hooked - Wave Blog

Phishing emails contain links to sites that are designed to get you to freely give your sensitive information to criminals. The emails are meant to look like legitimate correspondence from real companies but they are designed to deceive you into freely giving up your information. They want to collect your account information, passwords, credit cards, or other personal data.

Be wary of email messages that contain the following:

  • Bad grammar and misspellings.
  • An address that does not match the real web address, of a bank or university.
  • Alarmist messages and threats of account closures.
  • Promises of money for little or no effort and deals that sound too good to be true.
  • Requests to donate to a charitable organization after a disaster

More resources to stay safe online

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