Chebogen High School Science Labs to get updates

CHEBOYGAN – On Monday, the Chebuegen Region Board of Education approved a project worth more than $ 475,000 for a complete overhaul of science labs at Chebuigan High School.

Board trustee Roger Kronk said the county’s director of transportation, maintenance and territory, Steve Fleming, made a presentation to the board’s subcommittee on the project, to upgrade two science labs.

“That money comes out of the 2019 bond money,” Kronk said. “At $ 479,000, that doesn’t include the furniture that Nancy (Spray) is working on the furniture.”

The furniture – including tables, chairs and desks – will not fit into the new equipment placed in the renovated science labs, so it will need to be replaced. Chebaughan High School principal Nancy Spray will determine which furniture will be the most practical and economical in those labs, and which are the items they will purchase.

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