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Refreshing the AFC inventory: The conference hierarchy points to the NFL 2022 proposal


Buffalo Bills, Chiefs of Kansas City

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The Bills were ready to win the Super Bowl last season, but the Coin Flip Gods and the atypically toothless defense in Kansas City didn’t work together. Nevertheless, it is one of the best managed football organizations with depth and answers in almost every group of positions. I would have liked their offseason, even if they hadn’t added von Miller. (Oh, they did.) They have a large reserve for mistakes and one of the ridiculous quarterback talents in a league that is crowded with them. While we’re at it …

The Chiefs have won AFC West six times in a row for some reason. They still have Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid. The offensive line they repaired a year ago should only improve. The loss of Tyreek Hill is not a good thing, but I suspect that Reid will show up this season with new tricks up his sleeve. If the Chiefs can almost win the Super Bowl this season that Many things have gone wrong on the offensive, they are a safe choice so that they can play home games again in January.

Bosses set record in talent turnover Soccer outsiders

So how much pure talent did the Chiefs really lose here? Based on Football Outsiders numbers, the answer is “an awful lot”. According to our DYAR metrics, the chiefs in 2022 suffer a greater net loss of offensive weapons than any other team in the last 20 years.

The offensive weapons here include wide receivers, tight endings and running supports. It is clear that the Chiefs are stable in the most important position with quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes’ abilities (and Andy Reid’s scheme) strongly influence why the Chiefs lost so many pure DYARs. Byron Pringle probably wouldn’t look so valuable if some other quarterback threw him. The fact is, however, that the sins, which have lost a similar amount of DYAR in previous years, almost all of them fell the following season.

This is related to one of the variables we use in our team crime projections, which measures net DYAR arrival and departure from a roster in a given offseason. It is similar to the variable we have discussed in the past, which changes our defense projections based on pure AV versus the change in inventory. Only DYAR numbers above zero are counted for this variable. The Chiefs will now have the strongest DYAR net loss variable for any team since 2001.

NFL 2022 Seven-Wheel Model: As part of the first round plan of the New Orleans, Chiefs and Packers land receivers | CBS Sports

Round 1 – selection 29

Boye Mafe DL

Mafe to Kansas City is another fit that I really like. It seems to be always available at this stage of the first round, and it is a natural progression from Melvin Ingram to the Minnesota pass rusher. Mafe is a flexible player who has cloud cover and is better at defending the run than he is credited with.

Round 1 – selection 30

Christian Watson WR

Kansas City missed out on the prospect of the best wide receiver by staying in place, betting on Watson, who was probably the biggest winner of the NFL hand. He tested the charts and offered a look at the perspective that emerged from the attack. It could pay off along the way.

KC Chiefs Mock Draft 3.0: Stay with the defense at the top (with gambling in the first round) Kansas City star


Were it not for the cracked Achilles, who suffered in mid-March during training in Michigan Pro Day, Ojabo would have been off the court in 30th place long ago.

Injuries can scare some teams, causing this talented player to slip. And that would be in favor of the chiefs. The 6-foot-5, 250-pound Ojabo made the most of its first full season as an NFL starter in 2021, dominating a total of 11 bags and five forced fumbles with 35 tackles.

It’s a small sample, but it turned out to be a devastating ball in a rush of passes. Every team that chooses Ojaba must understand that they may not be ready to start at the beginning of the basic part due to its regeneration process.

However, only its upper side will require a long look. There is no doubt that this choice is a bit of a gamble, something like chasing a gut-shot straight-flush draw on the river against a made hand. But like any real high risk / high reward scenario, the price is worth it if it hits one external point.

The question is whether Chiefs General Manager Brett Veach wants to play Ojabo in the first round.

Draft class 2019 Chiefs after 3 years Chiefs Wire

Round 6, selection 201: South Carolina CB Rashad Fenton

Fenton is a player who has far exceeded his draft slot in the NFL. As a rookie, he played in 12 games, providing a key hit for the team’s victory in Mexico City over the Los Angeles Chargers. In his second season in 2020, the Chiefs relied on Fenton off the bench. He started in all 16 matches of the basic part, he recorded three starts instead of Charvarius Ward. In 2020, he also played in the conference championship match against Josh Allen and Buffalo Bills, scoring six during the match.

While in 2021, when Fenton was on the field, he dealt with injuries and COVID-19, he was exceptional. He managed eight starts with a total of 49 interventions, seven defended passes, one forced fumble and did not allow a touchdown in more than 400 shots of coverage. In 2021, he was the Chiefs’ best cornerback new metrics developed to more accurately represent the corner game.

In total, Fenton played in 50 games for the Chiefs with 11 career starts. He is even in line for the starting role in 2022. It is difficult to do much better than the selection in the sixth round.

degree: A +

About the NFL

Sources: Police try to talk to Kelvin Joseph of Dallas Cowboys about deadly shooting | ESPN

Police want to talk to Dallas Cowboys corner defender Kelvin Joseph about the shooting last month in Lower Greenville, Dallas, sources said Thursday.

Cameron Ray, who was 20, was fatally shot after an argument with a group of individuals on March 18, including Joseph, last year in the second round of the Cowboys selection. One of those involved in the quarrel wore a YKDV necklace on a video obtained by KDFW-TV in Dallas. Joseph has the rap name “YKDV Bossman Fat”.

Other footage shows footage from an SUV as Ray and his friends walked to their vehicle after an argument.

The Cowboys had no comment. However, sources said the team spoke to Joseph and encouraged him to talk to the police and discuss what he knew about the situation.

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More than half of Chiefs fans like Patrick Mahomes to win the MVP 2022 award

How many tips do chiefs actually use?

At the end of this month, the Chiefs will enter the NFL draft with the 12 best selections in the league. They have two first graders, two second graders, two third graders, two fourth graders and four seventh graders. With the opening evening of the draft approaching, the Chiefs still have several needs to meet – namely EDGE, a wide receiver and a defensive back.

General manager Brett Veach has shown in previous drafts a willingness to swap players of his choice – and now he has more rounds than ever before. So how many of the 12 tips do chiefs choose?

A third of the Chiefs fan base believes they will succeed eight selections (34%).

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