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Balance of action: Unleash the power of creativity in your life And work (HarperCollins Leadership, January 2022, $ 28.99) is a book by Daniel Lamar for anyone who needs creative inspiration. The business section notes and the self help / motivation section, the appeal of this book will be widely used by the traders who need a photo. It not only celebrates the business success that is usually attributed to male CEOs but also focuses its energy on the Cirque du Soleil business (starting in 2001 when Lamarri arrived) focusing on the company’s artistic influence in the performing arts. With relatively little music – and even less. Recognize the creative contribution of these artists, allow artists beyond the aesthetics of the circuit. In addition to the mention of a female creative (and a POC artist), the mention of almost every woman in the book is often related to their status as women (including Beatles wives).

Daniel Lamar was the perfect hype man for the job. In his two decades as CEO, his voice remained optimistic, even in the darkest moments of the plague when he photographed himself walking into the only hall of head office, back to the corporate Returns, and relentlessly simplifies bankruptcy / reinvestment deals. Show (and pay the freelancers who demand their reimbursement). Though styled as a book to promote the creativity of the business people, people in the circus business will find it interesting to look behind the scenes of a very popular circus company.

In parallel with the circus reconstruction, the local circus sector is in a state of revival, with Chicago circus schools such as the Actors Gymnasium, the Chicago Center for Dynamic Circus, MSA and Circus Arts, and the circus back complete with various classes. Corresponds to all capability levels in operation. . Circus performances keep pace with the re-emergence of the Chicago theater scene, with companies like Yas Mum Circus, the company X-Fare, and La Violetta appearing to the left and right. The Chicago International Puppet Festival kicked off in January (at the height of Omicron), and Tetro Zinzani picked up his second cast much later. A new wall trampoline display, UnawareLaunched in Ulfat in mid-March, and Circle One will be appearing in Ulfat with their show. RagTag April 1-2, while the Physical Theater Festival Chicago returns to full-life production in July. Perhaps the most significant milestone in the revival of the Chicago Circus is the opening version of the Chicago Circus and Performing Arts Festival (produced by Yes Ma’am), which will be open to the public from Circus, Berlusconi, and the physical theater from April 21. Bring artists to Dean. -24 for ten different exhibitions.

In an effort to promote corporate culture and the success of Cirque du Soleil, Lamar does little to reach the status of small companies and festivals, and during epidemics like this, let alone the struggle of circus performers, many of whom Forced to leave. Industry due to lack of support. He misses the opportunity to reflect on the future of the sector and wonders: “If cholera continues, how will the art world continue to adapt and come back to keep the creativity (fattened by these artists) alive?” Pay? ” Creativity is Lamar’s key word in the book, but his focus is still on the big picture – business deals and bailouts that keep a company strong.

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