Class 2022 Senior Class Royale

Author: Harmony Sanchez | Published April 15, 2022

Class 2022 at Kean University kicked off celebrating their upcoming graduation at the Senior Class Royale this March. The Student Government Association held a ceremony on Saturday, March 29, at the Sheraton Parsippany Hotel, where students met to take pictures, enjoy food, and dance the night away.

The formal began with a cocktail hour including an appetizer, an open cash bar for guests aged 21 and over and a shrimp cocktail. Students who attended the formal event purchased their all-inclusive tickets for $ 50.00 before the event. Vaccination cards and identity cards of each guest were verified at check-in.

“Senior Formal was an amazing time, absolutely enjoyable. Vice President of Programming from the Student Government Association, Yessica Jimenez, and I were able to plan that wonderful night with the help of the senior class president and formal committee. It was great to see the students enjoying the night, and overall it was an amazing turnout, ”said Martha Julemis, senior Kean and executive vice president of the Student Government Association.

LED robot and dance floor Acknowledgments: Harmony Sanchez

Julemis emphasized that every step of the event, from planning to implementation, was an unforgettable experience for her until graduation.

“Senior Formal allowed everyone to truly enjoy themselves and their hard work and dedication to studying, and thanks to this scenario, the overall formal program was something like a dream come true,” said Kean senior Allan Delgado, who attended. on the formal.

Allan described the formal as a celebration of all the hard work that the class of 2022 put into education during the pandemic and other life events.

After the cocktail hour, guests moved to the reception for dinner and dancing. There was a party in each seat, including a miniature graduation cap and a wine glass like a token he took home.

“Dinner consisted of various open buffet stations. There was a 360-degree photo booth that everyone liked, but in the end, at the Mount Loca show, the LED robot ended the evening, “said Julemis.

The event included various entertainment elements, such as a traditional photo booth, where students took pictures with props. There was even a special 360-degree photo booth that revolves around the subject, creating a slow-motion video. Many students joined their friends to create videos using a 360 ° booth.

“DJ Posh played great dance songs,” Delgado said. “I would no doubt say that the most memorable part of the formality was when, out of nowhere, we were surrounded by a huge dancing robot and covered in a number of LED lights that followed the rhythm of the music.”

Students on the dance floor, who were surprised by the LED robot, were given balloons to celebrate and dance.

Students who planned to stay at the Sheraton Parsippany Hotel after the formal procedure were even offered a discount on room reservations.

I stayed there at the hotel and it was very cozy and comfortable. The room I bought had a nice double bed and a spacious bathroom and shower, so it was an honestly comfortable stay, ”said Delgado.

At the end of the event, students enjoyed a dessert bar and snacks.

The 2022 class has just begun its graduation celebrations. In April and May, seniors can look forward to several Gradation events.

The Office for Diversity, Equality and Inclusion is organizing their Lavender graduations on Friday, April 29 for students who are part of the LGBTQIA + community. The African Studies Office will also host their annual African Heritage Promotion Ceremony in April this year.

Kean University also runs a graduate fair, which will take place in the first week of May, and graduates who have already ordered a cap and bathrobe can pick them up at the event.

Senior formal dinner and dance Acknowledgments: Harmony Sanchez

Seniors who are interested in ordering a Senior Class Ring, submitting their senior portrait to the Kean University Yearbook 2021-22, or who need to know more about graduation, can visit for more details. The beginning of university studies takes place on May 19 at the Prudential Center.

The countdown to graduation begins!

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