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Good question, so let me explain what source I used and why the odd number of 79 seasons.

The Omaha World-Herald has long been the main source for determining these nationwide selections, although there is certainly nothing wrong with the Lincoln Journal-Star nationwide selections.

Honestly, there is not much difference between the national basketball selections between these two meters, the daily press, and now they are both currently owned.

79 years? Well, the World-Herald began naming national teams in 4 different classes (ABCD) in 1943. Yes, that was a long time ago, and only years later did remote areas of Omaha in the west begin to grow. and schools such as Bellevue West, Bellevue East and Millard began to emerge to adapt to this growth in the West.

So that’s how I determined who made this list. I based all my information on SELECTION OF THE FIRST CLASS A Omaha World-Herald TEAMS just because the national teams of Team 2 were not listed.

People also read …

Now many of the younger generation will say that this list should be called the “old” list and that the “modern era” list should also be listed from the year 2000.

I agree. A “modern list” would give basketball class A followers a better overview of how schools like Bellevue West, Millard and Papillion schools, plus newcomers to class A like Elkhorn South, Gretna, Lincoln Pius X and the newer public schools Lincoln (North Star, Southwest) .

I have compiled a list that we will see after the List of 79 years. This list will cover the year 2000 to the present.

There was enough explanation, let’s go to the list.

* Class A basketball schools with the largest number of OWH national selections since 1943.

* (years of existence will be indicated after the name of the school)

1) Omaha Central-29 (1859)

2) Creighton Prep – 28 (opened in 1878)

3) Lincoln Northeast -26 (opened in 1941)

4) Lincoln High-25 (1891)

5) Omaha Benson – 23 (1926)

6) Omaha South – 20 (1889)

8) Bellevue West – 18 (1977)

9) Lincoln East – 16 (1967)

10) Grand Island – 13 (1879)

11) Omaha Burke – 12 (1963)

So all the schools on this list have built teams since 1943 (79 years old) except Omaha Burke (59 years old), Lincoln East (55 years old) and then there is Bellevue West High School, which has only existed for 45 years. years.

I had in my head the question of where to place Boys Town, class. Few of the younger coaches, players or fans will remember that NINE from the national Cowboys OWH 1st Team selections was in CLASS A.

The remaining 11 national selections of the Boys Town OWH First Team came in AA (2), B (3) and C-1 (6), where these players were led by the great Tom Krehbiel.

Bellevue West basketball teams actually lead the way to All-State Selections in a year. Thunderbirds have 18 national selections in the school’s 45 years of existence. This is an average selection of all states every 2.5 seasons.

The leader of our list of Omaha Central has an average selection of all states every 2.72 seasons.

* Finally, here is a compilation of our list leader, the selections of the first OWH All-State Omaha Central team since 1943 (in descending order):

1950, Robert Fairchild, Omaha Central, Sr.

1958, Phil Barth, Omaha Central, 6-2, Sr.

1959, John Nared, Omaha Central, 6-3, Jr.

1960, John Nared, Omaha Central, 6-3, Sr.

1962, John Armstrong, Omaha Central, 5-11, Sr.

1966, Jim Hunter, Omaha Central, 6-2, Sr.

1967, Dwaine Dillard, Omaha Central, 6-5, Jr.

1968, Dwaine Dillard, Omaha Central, 6-7, Sr., 22.9 ppg

1972, Tim Williams, Omaha Central, 6-3, Sr., 14.0

1973, Dennis Forrest, Omaha Central, 6-4, Sr., 19.0

1974, John C. Johnson, Omaha Central, 6-2, Jr., 14.0.

1975, John C. Johnson, Omaha Central, 6-3, Sr., 18.00

1975, Clayton Bullard, Omaha Central, 6-3, Sr., 15.0

1978, Michael Johnson, Omaha Central, 6-4, Sr., 23.7

1997, Galen Morrison, Omaha Central, 6-0, Sr., 24.0

2004, Karl White, Omaha Central, 6-1, Sr., 19.0

2007, Josh Jones, Omaha Central, 6-2, Jr., 18.0

2008, Josh Jones, Omaha Central, 6-2, Sr., 19.8.

2009, Deverell Biggs, Omaha Central, 6-0, Jr., 16.5.

2010, Deverell Biggs, Omaha Central, 6-0, Sr., 21.1.

2011, Akoy Agau, Omaha Central, 6-8, Sat., 10.6.

2012, Akoy Agau, Omaha Central, 6-8, Jr., 11.6.

2012, Tra-Deon Hollins, Omaha Central, 6-2, Jr., 11.3.

2013, Akoy Agau, Omaha Central, 6-9, Sr., 12.8.

2013, Tra-Deon Hollins, Omaha Central, 6-2, Sr., 12.0

2014, TreShawn Thurman, Omaha Central, 6-6, Sr., 16.6.

2019, John Tonje, Omaha Central, 6-5, Sr., 23.8.

2020, Latrell Wrightsell, Omaha Central, 6-3, Sr., 23.5.

2022, Jayden Dawson, Omaha Central, 6-4, Sr., 17.5.

A list of modern class A (2000 to 2022)

6) Papillion La Vista – 6

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