Class Design Overview 2021 – DE Isaiahh Loudermilk

With only a few weeks to the NFL 2022 draft, it’s a good time, like everyone else, to turn our attention back to the Pittsburgh Steelers draft class in 2021 and look back on their first year in the league and what it looks like. the future. as at this point. The team gained a disproportionate amount of playing time from its rookie class last season, with almost every draft pick making a significant contribution.

The Steelers had a total of nine draft picks, including one in the fifth round after exchanging the fourth round pick in 2022 for one, so they won’t have one this year. They had at least one choice in each round, two in the fourth and two in the seventh.

Their first four picks were all in attack, for the first time in history they used their first four picks on one side of the ball. Their next four drafts in the draft were all defensive players, but they completed their class with one selection of special teams.

Looking back, Isaihh Loudermilk is probably most often perceived as a pleasant surprise. The defensive end in the fifth round from Wisconsin was the Steelers’ most popular selection immediately after the NFL 2021 draft, for several reasons.

To begin with, the team swapped the selection from the fourth round of the draft in 2022 to win the selection in the fifth round last year, only to draft it. In addition, most draft analysts profiled him as a draft choice in the seventh round or a priority free agent, so it was believed to be an impact.

No matter how or why he was drafted, however, he played a lot during his rookie season and his game was even promising. Although he should not be expected to be a starter in the near future (although this is not impossible), he could be a valuable rotating contributor to the defense front in the coming years.

When the team first got him on the field, he constantly compared it to “young Cameron Heyward.” We heard it from former defense coordinator Keith Butler. I believe Kevin Colbert or even Mike Tomlin said the same thing – even Heyward noticed the analogy he told Loudermilk not to try to be him, but to be himself.

Although not the same athlete as Heyward, Loudermilk has some similar traits. He has a similar overall physical profile to the traditional defensive 3-4, and has shown signs of coaching ability and a desire to learn and work in defense.

He played a total of 15 matches during his rookie season, two of them, in 288 defensive snaps. He finished 23 matches with one bag and three passes, which is not a bad start to his career. He also recorded three interventions in 21 shots during the team’s only post-season match.

Assuming that Stephon Tuitt and Tyson Alualu return to health in 2022, it will be difficult for him to get on the field unless the team breaks the precedent and closes the six defenders. Chris Wormley and Montravius ‚Äč‚ÄčAdams would be the best player reserves. If Loudermilk can show the ability to play in special teams, it would help them dress up him and the six Linemans overall.

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