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HOBARD – Spanish IV students at Hubbard High School have used their creativity to launch a Spanish television network at school.

The students demonstrated their Spanish skills with the final premiere of their network in March.

Anna Bodoric, a Spanish IV student, has been working on creating content for the project for the past few weeks.

Badurik said the students produced and edited many Spanish television programs that were broadcast in the high school’s auditorium and watched by students in the lower Spanish classes. The 50-minute broadcast was shown during different classes throughout the day.

The Spanish IV class wanted to be creative by combining Spanish culture and film. The students spent about a month and a half creating and editing Spanish television programs, including comedy, drama, action, and sports.

To coordinate the launch of the Spanish Network, Spanish IV students also raise money for the Spanish Heritage Foundation and sell concessions, which help Hispanics around the world in many ways.

Badrick said the Spanish TV show is part of the Elders Class project for Spanish IV. Each year, she said, Spanish IV leaders should submit an idea for their project and this year, they voted to produce, write, record and edit their network and broadcast it to lower Spanish classes.

“The students took ownership of the project and worked hard. It was a great showcase of the knowledge they gained during their Spanish studies. They really enjoyed sharing their project with the young students.” And the young students were impressed and inspired by the work and talents of the older students, ”said Badurik.

Badurik said students’ ideas should have these areas: writing, research, speaking, listening, culture and service.

The latest recorded Spanish TV version included a family with Baduric and some Spanish IV students watching TV, and whenever they changed channels, another show or commercial appeared on the screen.

“Every episode they saw was written, directed and edited by Spanish IV students. The students were also actors in each scene. Therefore, they had to practice and memorize their lines,” Badurik said.

Awards Ceremony

Badurik said the students also held an awards ceremony in which students voted their classmates for Best Actor, Best Show and Best Writer.

“Before attending the meeting, Ms. Badrik told us that the students had spent a lot of time on the project, and the finished product reflects that. It was really well done, and my friends and I enjoyed watching it. Take, ”said Richie Sandberg, a III and Spanish III student.

“As the lead manager, I was concerned that the other parts that my classmates were responsible for repairing did not match the rest. But after seeing the hard work and effort in each one, it worked perfectly. , And the last video was very satisfying, “said Ruby Godida, a senior at Spanish IV.

“It was a pleasure working with all of our classmates to create this project. It was a privilege to see it turn out so well after all the hard work and effort that went into the project,” said senior Gillian Raiser. Said.

Badurik said the project will definitely be a lasting memory of their school years, and something they will be proud to reflect on their school days and achievements.

She said the students are also happy to contribute significantly to the Spanish Heritage Foundation.

“It’s good to know that they’ve helped people through their work,” Badrik said.

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