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A prolonged dream is closer to realization. It has long been sought after by many music lovers Angelosus, but a 1,000-seat concert hall suitable for chamber music players – from quartets to something the size of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra – is now under construction.

Colburn Center, In an adaptation of the view from Hill Street, it is the backdrop for a conversation between Colburn School President Sal Cardan, left, and the architect of the new facility, Frank Gerry.

Warner Henry
There was no local music lover who pushed more for the creation of such a chamber music hall than the late Warner Wheeler Henry, who grew up in Windsor Square. The new hall will be part of our town’s renowned music and dance school, the Colburn School – an institution where Warner Henry served on the board for many years.

Gehry Partners
The new and stunning hall is a product of Gehry Partners’ design skills, and will incorporate many of its immediate neighbor’s acoustic features, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, also designed by Gehry Partners. The main feature of the new facility, called the Colburn Center at Colburn School, is the concert hall. The hall was named in honor of Terry and Jerry Kohl to recognize the couple’s generous gift of leadership.

Announcing the project on March 16, Colburn School President Sal Cardan spoke of the “joy and great excitement” of getting to this point in the years-long effort to create the new center. He said the campaign overseen by Colburn Emeritus Chairman Carroll Colburn Gregor has already raised $ 270 million from the $ 350 million campaign target.

In rotation Audience seating envelops actors on the stage of the new Terry Hall and Jerry Kohl to be built on Olive Street, just east of Colburn’s existing school.

Terry and Jerry Kohl Hall
The new concert hall was specially designed for chamber music. As in the backdrop of a string quartet in the living room of a private home, the new hall is designed for a round-trip experience.

The audience seats reach to the floor height of the musicians’ rounded stage. The balconies actually seem to be floating from the walls; They are designed so as to improve the acoustics.

In addition to the concert hall, there will be four dance studios and a flexible 100-seat studio theater – all with glass walls overlooking Hill Street.

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